Terrace and balcony

Artificial grass for the balcony. Choosing a green carpet

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Artificial turf is what many people associate with a football field. But you can also use it to make your balcony a pleasant place to spend time on.

Artificial grass – general information

Artificial grass makes your balcony feel like a space that’s closer to nature. You can use synthetic grass on your balcony to create a year-round garden and enjoy perfect greenery regardless of the weather conditions outside.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Artificial grass primarily serves a decorative function. In addition, it protects well against cold and moisture. The main advantage of synthetic grass is its durability and functionality. You do not need to nurture such a surface, it does not deteriorate over time

Rubber, latex and plastics are used to make the base of artificial grass. This is what makes grass in this form an insulator.

What kind of artificial turf to choose?

There are many different artificial grasses available in stores. When buying, make your choice by verifying the material that was used in production, also pay attention to its thickness and density. Review the ratings of previous buyers and the installation guidelines that the manufacturer has included in the instructions.

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Terrace and balcony

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Terrace and balcony

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