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Bathroom renovation – what to plan?

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Renovating a bathroom is quite a challenge, no matter the size of the bathroom. The cost of changing the look of the bathroom is affected by various things, both the fixtures and the possible work of the renovation team

Where to start?

The bathroom should not only look good, but above all be functional. This is one of the most intensively used rooms in the house, so at the beginning it is worth considering what are the needs of each of the household members. This will allow you to choose design solutions that will satisfy them all.

Flooring and walls

A major bathroom renovation often means replacing the floor and wall coverings. There are many possibilities for changes. For example, you can opt for ceramic tiles. This is the most common solution. They are easy to install and durable. The most common tile material is stoneware. It is durable and resistant to all kinds of damage and, what is important in the bathroom, has low water absorption.

More and more people are choosing more original solutions, for example stone tiles – marble or granite. Stone tiles are very durable and resistant to bathroom conditions, besides, they are easy to keep clean.


The most important question to ask yourself before starting a bathroom renovation is what equipment is necessary in the bathroom. First of all, what to choose: a shower, a bathtub or a 2-in-1 solution? If there are elderly people in the household, a shower with a low shower tray is the best solution, while a deep shower tray is best for small children. The next necessary elements of bathroom equipment are washbasins and a toilet. Here, too, we have the possibility of adjusting them to the needs of the household members.

When deciding on fittings elements, it is worth choosing manufacturers who offer high quality products, such as Marmite. Good quality bathroom equipment will allow for a longer period of its use, and this in turn will postpone the need for another renovation.

The appearance of the fixtures should be adapted to the entire arrangement. Manufacturers offer, for example, kitchen and bathroom faucets in different colors, shapes and made of different materials. This makes it easy for everyone to find the perfect solution for their bathroom, both in terms of appearance and cost.

Interior style

The style of the interior also needs to be planned in advance. Often specific styles dictate the colors of ceramics, floors and walls, furniture and the aforementioned fixtures. However, if someone is not able to imagine the possible appearance of the bathroom after the renovation and plan it, it is worth using the help of a professional, namely an architect or interior decorator. They will help one choose the furnishings and arrangement that will best suit one’s needs.

Cost estimate

Planning the costs incurred is a very important part of any renovation, including bathrooms. Depending on what budget you have, you will be able to plan the appearance of the interior and what activities will be performed differently.

When planning the costs incurred, it is worth taking into account unplanned expenses and modifications that almost always occur during a renovation. In such situations it is necessary to have a reserve of money, thanks to which it will be possible to bring the renovation to an end.

The costs incurred will vary depending on the size of the bathroom and whether you hire professionals. Not all things we are able to do ourselves, however, if we are only planning to make minor changes, it is worth doing them ourselves.

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