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If you have an apartment with a balcony, you’d certainly like to have a substitute for a garden on it or you’d like to screen yourself from prying neighbors. The best flowers for a balcony are easy-to-grow climbing plants. Which climbing plants are best?

Which climbing flowers to choose for a sunny balcony?

On a south- or west-facing balcony , you should choose climbers that can tolerate direct sunlight well. On such balconies the hottest time of day is midday. Then you need to provide the flowers with a proper cover, because their leaves can get burnt.

TOP 5 climbing flowers for sunny balconies

1. Scented peas

The sweet pea is one of the most popular annual climbing flowers. It blooms in different colors: purple, pink, white and yellow. The flowers appear from June to August.

2. Nasturtiums

It is an annual plant with characteristic slender stems. It blooms from June to September in yellow, orange or red. It grows also in partial shade but then it doesn’t bloom so well.

3. Clematis tangutica

Clematis is a perennial plant. It is valued because of its hardiness and easiness in cultivation. It needs sunny location and fertile and permeable soil. It blooms from June to August.

4. Passionflower

It’s a perennial climber, shrubs very strongly and quickly. Thanks to this it is a natural screen. Very popular is passion flower with blue blossoms.

5. American Milinium

This climber comes from the USA. It blooms from June to September with red-orange color.

Which climbing flowers for shady balcony?

Shady balconies are usually located on the north or east side. On such balconies, the sun appears only in the early morning and late evening. The sun’s rays are not intense, but diffuse.

TOP 5 climbing flowers for shady balconies


Perennial evergreen climber. After about a year after planting, the plant begins to spread.

2. Honeysuckle

Pomeranian honeysuckle (two-colored flowering) and Tellman’s honeysuckle (yellow flowering) will grow best on a shady balcony.

3. Climbing hydrangea

It blooms at the turn of June and July several years after planting. It is a perennial and frost hardy plant.

4. Akebia

It grows very fast and has no special cultivation requirements. It blooms in spring with small purple flowers.

5, Virginia creeping bush

Also called wild grape vine. It usually grows on the walls of buildings and turns red in autumn.

What is important to know about planting flowers on balconies?

Annual vines are best planted in plastic pots or balcony boxes. If the flowers are perennial, it’s worth planting them in wooden or stone pots. You have to remember about proper drainage, e.g. from expanded clay.

Climbing flowers also require appropriate supports. The best for this purpose are trellises, pergolas, and even the walls of buildings. Then there is a risk of damaging the facade.

Care for climbing flowers on the balcony

Climbing balcony flowers are very easy to grow. They require fertile soil and a support to keep them upright. They also require simple care procedures, which are:

  • watering – water regularly, especially during drought;
  • fertilizing – spread compost or use a compound fertilizer;
  • pruning – dry shoots should be pruned in spring;
  • covering the vine – perennial vines should be protected from frost.

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