Backyard swimming pool step by step

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Backyard swimming pool is a great solution for people who like to spend time actively in their own garden. How to build a pool at home? Is it necessary to have a permit to build a pool?

Regulations on the construction of a swimming pool

The construction of a pool requires a building permit, if its area is greater than 30m2. The application for a swimming pool construction permit must be submitted to the appropriate district or city office. If the area of the pool is less than30m2, you must notify the appropriate office of the intention to begin construction and wait 30 days – the permit is issued on the silent consent.

Swimming pool construction – general rules

Choosing a place for the pool

If the pool is to be outdoor, then choose the sunniest place on the whole plot. This will save on water heating and allow you to swim longer. It is also a good idea to check the condition of the ground and make sure that the construction of the pool will not cause excessive soil moisture on neighboring properties. Before building your pool, check the groundwater level. If it is too high, the pool will have to be built on the ground (without excavation).

Shape and size of the pool

The shape and size of the pool matter during excavation. The larger it is, the greater will be its operation and the cost of excavation. In Poland, the standard depth of a swimming pool is 1.5 m.

Pool construction. Which technology is best?

The technology of pool construction should be chosen at the stage of ground works. The skeleton of the pool can be made of:

  • prefabricated wood;
  • sheet metal or aluminum – quick to install, give many design possibilities;
  • polyester resin, polypropylene, glass fiber reinforced resin – quick to install and cheap;
  • concrete blocks – the most popular solution, allows you to build a pool of any shape.

Regardless of the material selected the framework should be lined with pool foil, and the bottom of the pool should always be poured with concrete.

In Poland the most popular is the construction of a concrete pool. This solution is very durable and you can easily give it the desired shape. The basin is usually made of reinforced concrete with evenly distributed reinforcement

Finishing the pool should be made of materials resistant to mechanical damage, chemicals and sunlight. It is best to finish the pool with tiles (they must be frost-resistant and non-slip), pool film or polyester mesh.

Essential additional pool accessories

In order to maintain clean water in the pool, it is necessary to install additional elements, namely a filter with a pump. In backyard pools sand filters work best, which should be selected according to the size of the pool.

Each owner of a home swimming pool should be equipped with means to maintain cleanliness in the pool, that is a purifier, manual or mechanical vacuum cleaner and a net to catch debris.

Swimming pool heating

In good weather, the garden pool can be used for 3-4 months a year. Therefore, many owners of backyard pools decide to heat the water – so they can use the pool even when the water itself does not heat up.

To heat the water in the pool at home you can use:

  • oil boiler,
  • gas boiler,
  • electric heater,
  • solar panels.

The cheapest and most popular solution is a boiler combined with a heat exchanger. To heat water in the pool can be used home heating system

The pool should be covered at night, so you can reduce heating costs and water loss due to evaporation. PVC fabric or polycarbonate blind can be used to cover the pool.

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