Choosing a branch shredder

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Branch shredders make it easier to clean up the garden after pruning branches from trees and shrubs. Theoretically, you can burn such branches, but this is not an ecological solution. Shredded branches can be used in the garden for mulching, for example, and the chips can be resold.

Operation of shredders

The construction and operation of shredders is almost the same regardless of the size of the device, but there are some differences between them due to the method of power supply or the method of cutting. A shredder may be equipped with a hopper or a chute. Additional equipment does not affect the operation of the device.

Types of branch shredders

The basic division of branch shredders:

  • Combustion – have a power of 1 to 6 horsepower. The disadvantage of these shredders is their large weight, which causes low mobility of this device. This is great for very large gardens or small orchards and for people who don’t have access to an electric grid,
  • Electric – they are lighter, weighing up to 30 kilograms, and can be moved around the garden. This type of device is not efficient and usually comes with a small basket. They work best in small gardens where there are few branches,
  • Tractor – powered by a V-belt. This system allows you to reduce the weight of the shredder, making it easier to transport it to another location.

Cutting mechanism

When choosing a shredder for branches very important is its cutting mechanism. The branch shredders have different cutting mechanisms, and these are:

  • knives this is the simplest mechanism that can only handle thin branches,
  • worm k nives – better able to cope with thicker branches, but this mechanism will not cope with a large orchard,
  • tine roller,
  • turbine.

Other important functions of the branch shredder:

  • automatic branch retraction – this is a useful feature especially in large units,
  • reverse gear – great for removing wood from the unit when the wood is inside,
  • chippingbasket – this feature is only available on small chippers,
  • start-up protection – increases the safety of the machine. It is most often available in devices with a basket,
  • wheels – only some models of shredders are equipped with them,
  • overload switch – shuts down the device if too large or too thick branches are placed in it.

Shredder for branches – when to buy?

A branch chipper makes garden work easier, but it’s not always worth buying one. Small chippers are great if you have a lot of small bushes in your garden that are often pruned. For larger orchards and gardens, small petrol shredders are best. Large diesel or tractor shredders are best suited for companies responsible for cleaning up green spaces.

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