Decorations made of… leaves. The most interesting inspirations

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Roses from leaves, a bouquet, a garland, a picture or a candle holder – these are just a few ways you can use leaves in your home. Such decorations are not only beautiful and original, but also cheap.

Autumn has come, and with it the leaves from green have become yellow, orange, red and brown. Surrounded by such colors, even a simple walk is much more enjoyable. Therefore, it is worth taking some of these beautiful specimens home and create original decorations from them.

As you know, it is all the accessories that make even the simplest interior gain character. Walls and furniture alone will not create a climate, it is necessary to have various textiles, vases, flower pots, pictures in frames, etc.

It is good to introduce small decorations together with the changing seasons – fresh flowers in spring, sunflowers in summer, colourful leaves and chestnuts in autumn and a Christmas tree in winter. In fact, just one such element is enough to change the interior of your home

We suggest what you can create with colourful leaves. Our proposals are quick to make and, above all, cheap. And you don’t need special tools or accessories to make them.

Turn leaves into… flowers

Do you want to have an impressive bouquet, which will attract everyone’s attention and will look perfectly in every interior? Turn your leaves into flowers, or more precisely into… roses. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Of course you need fresh autumn leaves of a similar size, some string, ribbon, scissors and hairspray to stop the leaves darkening and to give them a lovely shine. Watch this tutorial which shows this process in great detail, from start to finish.

Create a sunny composition

If you don’t want to create a rose from leaves, we have a great alternative for you. Collect beautiful leaves or even whole branches, and then place them in a vase with water. Be careful not to let them fall apart – it is best to tie them with a rubber band, hair elastic or thick thread

This composition is the easiest to make and very impressive. Instead of a vase you can also use a jar – the whole thing will look very interesting.

Garland of leaves

Are you dreaming of colourful garland of autumn leaves? We tell you how to make it in the easiest way. All you need is some wire, a pair of scissors and, of course, some leaves which need their tails cut off first. They should be more or less the same size.

To make a three-dimensional garland, arrange the leaves in different directions. Then, join the two ends of the wire together and spread the leaves out nicely.

The finished garland is a very original decoration and a great alternative to the ready-made ones available in stores. Hang it on a door or window or simply place it on a table.

Put a leaf in a frame

Leaves are a very often used motif on all kinds of posters, paintings and even wallpapers. Why not create such a decoration yourself? All you need is a frame and a colorful leaf – either fresh or dried between the pages of a book. If you are afraid that the leaf might move, stick it with a drop of glue.

The finished frame can be placed on a cabinet or dresser. The frame will also look beautiful on a windowsill in the sunshine

Candle holder with leaves

Finally, we still suggest a beautiful candle holder with a composition of leaves. This is also one of the easiest fall decorations. Just arrange the leaves on a plate and then put a large candle in the center in a glass dish. You can create different arrangements this way. A tray filled with leaves will also look beautiful when you place candles, figurines, or pumpkins.

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