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Flowers blooming in July

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July is a wonderful month always associated with warmth, vacations, delicious fruits and of course a storm of flowers blooming in gardens and balconies. What blooming flowers can we see this month?

Annual plants:

  • chinese aster,
  • narrow-leafed velvet,
  • jalapeño,
  • fragrant peas,
  • lion’s maw
  • new Guinea impatiens,
  • sunflower,
  • garden verbena,
  • mexican ginseng,

Biennial plants:

  • bearded carnation,
  • mallow,
  • garden mullein,
  • common lilac,

Tuberous and bulbous plants:

  • gladiolus,
  • dahlia,
  • tuberous begonia,
  • giant garlic,
  • lily,


  • carpathian bellflower,
  • funkia,
  • carolinian yucca,
  • dotted carnation,
  • yarrow,
  • spike liatris,
  • lilacs,
  • myrobalan,
  • phlox,
  • annuals,
  • water milfoil,
  • lily of the valley,
  • japanese anemone,

Vines and shrubs:

  • rose,
  • climbing clematis,
  • pomeranian honeysuckle,
  • american milfoil,
  • climbing hydrangea,
  • bouquet hydrangea,
  • garden hydrangea,
  • narrow-leaved lavender,
  • small oxalis,
  • kousa dogwood,
  • budleia david.

Of course, the irreplaceable geraniums, petunias or surfinias also bloom at this time. In gardens you can also see flowers of marigolds, gypsophila, cornflowers or lobelia. July is definitely a month of color, so everyone will find something for themselves.

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