Growing quince in the home garden

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Pigwort is not a popular shrub in our country. It is a pity, because both its honey-giving flowers and original fruit can be a beautiful decoration. It is worth thinking about planting it in your own garden

The common quince is quite an impressive plant, because its branches grow to a height of about 3 meters. It is one of the shrubs of the rose family. It has white or pale pink flowers, which can be a beautiful decoration in your home garden. The flowering period is in late spring, that is around June

When talking about the quince, one cannot ignore the fact that it has medicinal properties and its fruit, although inedible raw, can be made into excellent preserves

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Quince – characteristics and properties

The quince is a fruit tree, which is not yet widely recognized in Poland and is often regarded as an exotic species. It is worth paying attention to, especially because of the impressive flowering, which in the spring months will beautifully decorate our garden. Also the quince fruit, although not edible, can be an original decoration. They have a yellow-green color, are hard and sour, and have a fresh citrus fragrance. After picking, they need to be stored for several weeks in a dry and cool place to ripen. Their color then changes to yellow, making them resemble miniature lemons.

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The ripe fruit of quince is perfect for various kinds of preserves, jams, tinctures or jams. They have health-promoting properties because they are a rich source of vitamin C. On the other hand, quince seeds have a curative effect on stomach ailments

What is the difference between quince and quince?

Many people use the names quince and quince tree interchangeably, not realizing that they are two different plants. The quince tree is an ornamental shrub that is smaller than the quince. Its flowers are multicolored and its flowering period is in late April and early May. Both species have similar fruits, but those growing on the quince are smaller than those found on the quince. There is also a difference in the taste of the fruit, the quince being more acidic

The quince is not a demanding plant to grow, so it thrives in both sunny and shady areas.

How to grow quince?

Quince is not a shrub that does well in our cool climate. It is native to Asia and thrives better at higher temperatures, so it can freeze on cold days. For this reason, it is not planted in orchards as a cultivated tree. When you want to plant quince in your home garden, you should choose a well-sunny area

It is not difficult in cultivation, but it has its own preferences when it comes to soil. It is best if it is fertile, with an acid reaction and rich in minerals and humus. The quince also requires regular watering, as its root system does not allow it to draw enough water from the soil

Due to the fact that quince is not hardy, you should prepare a mound of soil to be piled around the trunk of the tree in the fall. This will protect the roots of the plant from frost in winter

Planting quince

The best time to plant quince is late fall, although some gardeners believe spring is a better time. You should reserve a lot of space in your garden for this tree because its branches spread quite wide, so it can take the sun away from other plants

Planting quince is easy, just dig a hole about 30 cm deep and put the seedling in it, which is covered with soil and then the ground is kneaded. The newly planted plant should be watered abundantly. It can be good practice to sprinkle manure or compost around the quince, making the soil more fertile.

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