Balcony arrangements. 5 ways to shade your balcony

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A balcony is an ideal place to relax and grow plants. Unfortunately, it sometimes gets too much sun. How to adapt it to our requirements? You don’t necessarily need an expensive remodel. Here are 5 useful ways to shade your balcony

What is the most common reason for shading a balcony?

The most common reason for shading a balcony is the fact that it gets too much sun in the summer and becomes a nuisance. Yes, the sunlight can be an advantage in autumn and early spring, but in summer it can become a nuisance. Then various ways are used to shield this space from the sun’s rays. One of them is to build a balcony. It is worth noting, however, that this is an expensive procedure. If it’s not done correctly, it may not make it any easier to cope with the heat

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Why else would you want to cover your balcony?

A properly made screen can perform additional protective functions. In a situation where the balcony overlooks a fairly busy street, it will be possible to protect ourselves from dust and dirt. We will also cease to be afraid of the wind. What else can disturb the use of a balcony? For many people the problem is the annoying sight of neighbors. We can also deal with it, using various types of blinds. What kind? Here are 5 ideas worth considering.

Balcony screened by plants

A simple way that will appeal especially to people with gardening inclinations. You can bet on climbing plants that like to bend towards the sun, such as nasturtiums, clematis, milfoil, climbing hydrangeas or honeysuckles. Some of these are evergreen plants, which is worth taking advantage of. Alternatively, choose miniature fruit trees and conifers that are planted in showy pots

Balcony with an umbrella

A garden umbrella is another proposal that will cover our balcony. Thanks to this solution we will also gain protection from the rain. We will not pay much for the umbrella, without a problem we can buy it in a set with a weight or solve the issue of installation on our own. In addition, the possibility of buying a copy with a side location of the pole or broken, with different thickness and quality of material opens up before us. Everyone will find such a design that suits him best

Slatted cover

You can also be tempted to use solutions that are very often used in gardens. One of them are lamella spans with different levels of permeability, which are used especially for larger balconies. What do we gain in this way? The span is a relatively inexpensive solution. You can choose different sizes and finishes – the pieces with a grid are also suitable for letting climbing plants grow on them. We must then remember to fix such spans well

Balcony awning

Still very popular and willingly chosen solution. When choosing it, it is worth paying attention both to the color scheme, quality of the fabric, as well as the durability of the frame itself. The fabric should be waterproof, strong and easy to clean or wash. It is best to choose models with a cassette in which we can hide the fabric after it is rolled up. In this way it will serve us longer and will maintain an aesthetic appearance

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Cover mat

You can choose from natural and artificial materials. You can successfully bet on mats made of straw, bamboo or wicker. The latter can also be purchased in an impregnated version. It will allow us to enjoy the cover mat longer, even in adverse weather conditions.

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