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Pelargoniums are very easy plants to propagate – you just need to get cuttings from which young flowers will grow. However, it is important to know a few rules to make this process work properly.

Pelargonium propagation

The propagation of these beautiful flowers is very simple and can be handled by anyone, even a novice gardener. Pelargoniums are propagated by cuttings, which can be obtained when the plant grows to a height of 8-10 cm. The cuttings can be obtained when the plant is 8-10 cm tall, then the legs should be detached from the main plant and planted in properly prepared pots.

pelargonie w glinianej donicy
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The soil should contain a mixture of de-acidified peat and sand in a ratio of 1:1 so that the soil is well oxygenated and contains enough moisture. A good practice is to get rid of excess leaves from young seedlings and leave 2-3 leaves on the stems. This will make the plants root faster in the soil. Pelargoniums can also be propagated by cuttings obtained from a leaf, but this process is somewhat longer.

Young cuttings can be taken twice a year, either in early spring or at the end of summer. If you decide on the second date, you need to provide the cuttings with suitable conditions for overwintering.

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