When do we plant garden roses?

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The garden rose is called the queen of flowers. This name is well deserved. Depending on the variety, it blooms for a few weeks or for several months.

Roses in spring and autumn

Roses grow best in a sunny and airy position. The position must not be exposed to frost and cold winds. These flowers tolerate partial shade, but bloom best in full sun. In spring and autumn, roses are available in garden stores: ball roses, roses in pots and with an open root (usually protected by a jute or plastic bag).

Planting bare-root roses

This type of roses should be planted immediately after purchase. It is important that the roots do not dry out. Therefore, before planting, the bush should be soaked in a bucket of water for several hours or buried to the ground in moist peat.

Planting bale roses

Bale shrubs have roots secured with soil. It is a good idea to transplant them into the ground as soon as possible. These plants can wait a few days if adequate moisture is provided to the roots.

Planting roses in pots

Potted roses can be planted throughout the vegetative period, that is, from spring to fall. They should not be planted only in hot summers and when the ground is frozen. If roses are planted in summer, be sure to water them regularly.

Main Photo: Biel Morro/unsplash.com

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