Cut flowers – everything you need to know about them!

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Cut flowers are a beautiful decoration for any room. Unfortunately, not all kinds of flowers last long in a vase, some flowers only look beautiful for a day or two.

What is the best time to cut flowers?

For cut flowers to last as long as possible in a vase, there are a few rules to follow when cutting them:

  • time of day – it’s best to cut flowers late in the evening;
  • in hot weather, flowers should be cut early in the morning;
  • cut them when the moon is waning;
  • most flowers should be cut at the semi-open bud stage;
  • flowers such as Chinese aster, zinnia, rubeika, should be picked when they are fully developed;
  • flowers with clustered inflorescences should be cut when the lower flowers (about ⅓ or ½ of the entire inflorescence) are developed.

How do I cut flowers for a vase?

When cutting flowers for a vase, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • the cut must be sharp and clean, you can not leave a ragged plant, because in the place of the left tissue will begin the decay process – after such a procedure, the plant is more vulnerable to attack by various pathogens;
  • in order for the plant to enjoy its view longer, it:
    • stems from shrubs should be inoculated with a razor blade,
    • soft stems should be punctured with a needle,
    • leaves immersed in water should be removed,
    • it is worth to harden the picked flowers in boiling water;
  • if the flowers will be transported, they should be left after cutting for min. 30 min. in water after cutting.
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5 tricks for keeping cut flowers fresh in a vase

1. Clean vase

Before putting flowers in a vase, wash it very thoroughly with detergent.

2. Cleaning the stems

Remove leaves and flowers from the stems that could be submerged in water. This will prevent the plants from rotting too quickly.

3. Top up and change the water

Water should be topped up daily and changed every 2-3 days. When replacing, wash the vase with detergent and shorten the stems.

It is best to pour boiled and cooled water into the vase or use still mineral water.

4. The right environment

Cut flowers like cool, moist rooms. You should not place a vase with cut flowers in a place that is

  • sunny and warm,
  • in a draft,
  • next to fruit.

5. What should be done when flowers in a vase become slightly wilted?

If the flowers have wilted, put them whole in a bowl of cold water in a cool and dark room for at least 3 hours, and preferably overnight. For most species of cut flowers, this trick is very helpful.

Which cut flowers last the longest?

The most durable cut flowers (they last about 2-3 weeks) are:

  • orchids,
  • alstroemerias,
  • geraniums,
  • amaryllis,
  • anthuriums,
  • carnations,
  • gladioli,
  • levonias.

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How to choose a vase for a bouquet?

The vase should be only the background for the bouquet and harmonize with the bouquet that will be placed in it. Clear vases with an interesting texture are the best choice. The height and depth of the vase should always be matched to the height of the flowers that will be placed in it.

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