Perennial flowering garden plants – recommended species

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Perennials are perennial ornamental plants that are planted in home garden beds. They have very colorful flowers, are easy to grow, and are not expansive, so they do not compete with other plants.

There are plenty of beautiful flower species that can be classified as perennials. It is very convenient from the point of view of the gardener that they do not have to plant them anew every year. Ornamental perennials spend the winter and later autumn below ground so that they are protected from the harsh weather conditions. The multicoloured flowers decorate the beds wonderfully and create a lovely and unusual atmosphere in the garden

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What are garden perennials?

The most important thing to remember about garden perennials is that they are perennial, easy to grow and aesthetically pleasing. These factors make them the most popular flowers that can be seen in beds in home gardens and allotments. The perennials usually bloom in very intense colors, making them a real eye-catcher. They are a popular choice for gardeners and allotments as they bloom in very intense colours and are a real eye-catcher. Among the most popular varieties of garden perennials are asters, gladioli and peonies

The most recommended species of garden perennials


The most popular flowers, which are often planted in flowerbeds and gardens, are asters. The bushy aster is certainly a species worthy of attention. This plant is very colorful and its stems grow to a large size, so it looks like a colorful bush. The height of this flower can reach up to 50 cm above the ground, so it is very distinctive and immediately noticeable. It blooms with many richly colored flowers that look like daisies. Their coloration is varied

  • white,
  • blue,
  • purple,
  • dark burgundy
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Another type of asters that are often chosen by gardeners to beautify their beds are alpine asters. This plant is characterised by the fact that its flowers have a rather large yellow “eye”, which is a valuable source of nectar for insects. Alpine asters attract bees and numerous butterflies

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Another perennial from the aster family is the New England aster. Its flowers also have a beautiful intense color, but they are much smaller than those of its predecessors. This is compensated by the fact that there are many of them on a bush, so the plant is a beautiful ornament in our garden.


Perennial garden plants, which are worth having in your garden, include the popular in Poland phlox, also called flame. The great advantage of these plants is that they bloom from early July until September, so their charm can be enjoyed almost throughout the summer. Flocks create an original carpet of small flowers of red, purple or pink color. Their presence in the home garden adds color to it


In this list could not miss a wonderful perennial plant, which is the peony. Planting peonies makes them the focal point of any flower bed, as they are impossible to pass by indifferently. Their flowers are very large, with beautiful colors, sometimes very surprising

Peonies have very many varieties, so you can find flowers with different colors, from traditional white through red, pink, tea. These plants bloom for a very long time, but it is worth planting varieties with different flowering dates, so that the garden is constantly decorated with these beautiful flowers. A characteristic feature is their unique fragrance. Some say that each variety of peony smells different: some delicate and ethereal, others sweet and captivating. Thanks to the fact that they are perennial flowers, you only need to plant them once to enjoy them every summer after that.

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