How to prepare balcony and garden flowers for cold evenings?

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Frosts are approaching. Check out how you should prepare your plants for the increasingly colder evenings. You need to act quickly, because there is really not much time left!

Winter is a difficult time for plants

This is the truth – most plants tolerate low temperatures badly, so they need special attention before the winter season begins. If you do not want your garden and balcony plants to suffer, or actually be completely destroyed, prepare them for the cold evenings. This should be thought of now. 

Balcony plants – how to prepare them for winter?

Although it is necessary to think about preparing the balcony and garden for winter well in advance, specific measures need to be taken when the temperature outside drops below zero. The first step, of course, is to insulate the container in which the balcony plant grows. Importantly, the wisest thing to do is to put it in a cardboard box, and put an insulating layer on its bottom – for example, made of Styrofoam or wood. The idea is that the container should not stand directly on the cold ground.

We also fill the space remaining between the sides of the container and the walls of the cardboard box, for example, with dry leaves or crumpled newspapers. The containers in which the plants grow can also be wrapped, for example, with jute fabric. Above-ground shoots, on the other hand, should be wrapped, but not with foil – here again jute fabric can come in handy. Also remember to move the plants to a secluded place, where they will not be threatened by frosty gusts of wind.

How to prepare garden flowers for winter?

A different treatment is, of course, required for garden flowers. In the case of plants that are particularly sensitive to low temperatures, they should be covered with air-permeable material, i.e. a special fleece. Straw mats will also work well. However, when doing so, you need to be careful not to cover the plants too tightly, as this can cause them to rot. Wrapping too tightly is definitely not a good idea.

Don’t forget about the lawn, too

The garden is not only flowers, but also the lawn, the care of which before frost is very important. Mowing depends on what autumn is like at the moment – if it’s dry and warm, the last mowing can be done even at the end of November.

At all times, however, do not forget to clean fallen leaves from the lawn, so that they do not rot under a layer of snow and damage the lawn. In addition, they can harbor diseases and germs, so it is obvious that it is best to get rid of them.

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