What are the most durable garden fences?

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Wondering what to fence your property with? Find out what are the most durable garden fences and decide which will be best for you.

What type of fence should you choose?

Buying a plot of land and building a house is only part of the success. The dreamed-of, manicured property should also be fenced. This involves a considerable cost, but it is unavoidable – the vast majority of people in our country choose to do so for safety.

When it comes to choosing a fence, questions abound! What fencing material will be the best? Is the foundation a must? What type of fence will be the most durable? Learn the answers to your questions and decide which fence will be best for your property.

Different types of fencing – which is best?

If you already know a thing or two about the subject, then you surely know that the choice is considerable. Fences, walls, panels… It’s really hard to decide on what will be best. Especially when – and this is usually the case – you also need to plan your budget prudently. 

Fencing is not the cheapest affair, but you don’t necessarily have to choose the most expensive options either. The golden mean is something to look for, not forgetting also the durability, which should be the basis if you don’t want to repair every now and then, and end up replacing the fence completely after a few years, which would undoubtedly be a waste of time and money. It is better to avoid this.

Metal fence

This is the type of fence that you will currently find the most on the market. The main reason is precisely their undeniable durability. If you want a solution that will cause few problems after installation, metal spans seem to be a really good option. There is a reason why they are a security measure not only for single-family properties, but also for entire estates of blocks of flats. 

When it comes to aesthetics, metal fencing fits in well with modern design. So if your house is built in just such a style, bet on metal. As for the form itself, they come in a variety of forms. Some metal fences are very simple, others are more fancy, but they all have in common the reliability and durability you are looking for if you are reading this article.

Brick or concrete fence

This is also an option that can be considered very durable. When making such a fence, the investor has a whole lot of options – working with concrete blocks is not difficult. 

This is a durable proposition, but it will undoubtedly not work for every property. A concrete fence can hardly be considered subtle, as is the case with many types of fences made of metal spans.

Wooden fence

In contrast, it is impossible not to mention a wooden fence. While it undoubtedly has its own undeniable charm, you have to reckon with its frequent maintenance. This does not mean that a wooden fence is impermanent – it is simply one of the more demanding than metal.

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