Ready-made ponds – hit or miss?

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The ponds are slowly going out of fashion, but many people still very much want to have them in their garden. They can be a perfect solution for people who want to breed fish in their garden. Let’s check whether ready-made garden ponds are a good solution or it is worth to use services of specialists who will make for us a garden pond according to our expectations.

Ready-made garden ponds – what are their advantages?

Like all garden ponds, also ready-made ones need proper installation and care. The place where we want to place our garden pond is important. It should be in a slightly shaded place, away from trees. This way we can be sure that no leaves and branches will fall into it. Additionally, it is good to choose a place which will not be too sunny. In such a pond can quickly find algae that prefer warm water and in such ponds they develop much faster

Ready-made ponds will require much less work from us. In addition, you can choose their different sizes and shapes, including geometric shapes. We do not have to worry about the proper building of the pond because they have ready-made forms and are made to a given depth. All you have to do is dig a hole in the ground and put the pond in it. If you want to keep fish in it, you should buy such a pond which will also have a special filter to purify water. Ready-made garden ponds cost about 200 PLN and their price depends on accessories and their depth. Mostly ready made garden ponds are about 40 cm deep

Ready-made garden ponds – when are they suitable?

Ready-made garden ponds can be very useful when you want to have an easy to install garden pond with a small fountain and you want to easily adjust its shape to your landscape. It is also much cheaper.

When is it worth making your own garden pond?

Self-made garden pond is suitable when we want to let the fish into the pond or when the terrain does not allow us to place a ready-made garden pond. The self-made garden pond can be additionally modified by us. It allows you to expand the garden pond by additional ponds which will be adjacent to it. If, in addition to the pond, there are to be other decorative elements and plants, it is worth to make them ourselves. Unfortunately it is quite time consuming. Many people confuse making a garden pond with digging a hole in the ground and putting plastic sheeting in it to prevent water from escaping into the soil. In order to keep the pond clean from any impurities, it is worth installing filters in it and if there are to be fish inside, we need to equip it with a special water conditioner and a device which will pump oxygen into the water. It is also necessary to remember about the means that will prevent excessive blooming of the water. Not always all these elements are easy to get, as well as when making a larger pond we will not do it without a special digger. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a professional pond made by a company that specializes in this, especially if you want additional elements like a fountain or a small rock waterfall

A ready-made pond is a good solution if you have few requirements and want it to be small. Otherwise, it is worth making the pond on your own or commissioning a professional company which will also tell us how to take care of it properly so that it will be much more aesthetic for longer

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