How do you protect wood outdoors?

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Proper impregnation of wood will make it serve us well for many years. On the market you will find many preparations created specifically for different types of wood. Check how to protect the wood outside.

Proper impregnation of wood

Natural wood requires protection against moisture, sunlight, biological factors or mechanical damage. Most commercially available impregnates provide comprehensive protection, but you can find products with narrower application, for example, protecting only against ultraviolet radiation or attack by parasites. Before purchase, carefully read the label, which should contain all information about the scope of action of the specific product. To enhance the natural beauty of the wood and protect the boards, for example, linseed oil for wood is recommended. It is the most versatile solution. Oil for wood decorates and, above all, protects the wood from moisture, stains and everyday use.When it comes to spray it works best on dry surfaces, while waxes are best used on light woods. You can also find waxes, sprays and pastes for impregnation on the market. Before choosing it, it is best to consult a dealer, who will assess what you need.

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