Bass trap – what is it and how does it work?

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Providing very good acoustics in rooms requires the use of various solutions to achieve the expected effects. Among them we can mention among others bass traps, whose operation, purpose and advantages we describe in the article below.

Functioning of bass traps

A bass trap is an acoustic system of various shapes, for the production of which a special foam with open pores is used. Its specific design and material make it absorb low frequency sounds very well. The principle of operation consists in dissipation of this type of waves, which translates, among others, into reduction of the rumble effect. As a result, sounds emitted in the room where bass traps have been installed become clearer and more pleasant to the ear.

The standard location for bass traps is the corners of the room. For full effects, they are also placed on the joints on the ceiling. It is worth remembering, that precise determination of the place of installation is very important from the point of view of the operation of this type of acoustic systems, so this task should be handled by people with knowledge and experience. In addition to eliminating rumble, the bass trap also serves to equalize the pressure in the room and shorten the bed time. In short, it is an important piece of interior equipment, where high quality and clarity of sound is required. If you are interested in purchasing, on you can check the offer of bass traps.

The use of bass traps

Due to its operation and construction bass traps are successfully used in concert halls, recording studios, dance schools, fitness clubs, discos, cinemas and other places where music is played loudly. They are also used in homes for soundproofing interiors (perfect for home cinemas) and in rooms where machines producing loud, low frequency sounds work.

The key aspect that determines the effectiveness of bass traps is their manufacturing material. Its density and high specific weight make it perfect for reducing unwanted effects. In order to obtain the expected results of using bass traps, one should remember to place them in the corners of the room and on the ceiling and, if possible, install them at a distance of min. 10 cm from the wall. Direct adherence of the system to the wall surface decreases its effectiveness.

Advantages of bass traps

Assembly of bass traps is very simple and consists in sticking them to the given surface. High quality, durable and effective glue guarantees perfect adhesion. What is equally important, apart from their soundproofing properties and favourable influence on room acoustics, bass traps are distinguished by their attractive design. A wide selection of different forms, colors and finishes makes it possible to choose a model perfectly matching the style of the room in question, regardless of whether it is modern or classical.

The undoubted advantage of bass traps is also the price, which is several hundred zlotys per piece. It is worth reaching for items of the highest quality, supplied by reputable manufacturers, because they provide the best results and allow you to perfectly model the sound according to individual requirements and needs. Such models of bass traps can be found in the offer of a professional store

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