Gas or charcoal grill? Advantages and disadvantages

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For some time there has been a growing number of supporters of gas grills in Poland. However, the most popular are still traditional charcoal grills. Which grill is better? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Gas or charcoal grill – which one to choose?

Before you head to the store to buy a new grill, it’s worth considering which type of device will be most suitable for you. Most lovers of food from the grill stock up on a charcoal or gas grill. Definitely less popular are electric grills, which are most often chosen as a substitute for a standard barbecue by people who do not have their own garden.

So let’s focus on the two most popular types: charcoal grill or gas grill – which is better? Below you will find a useful summary of the advantages and disadvantages of gas and charcoal grills for your decision. Take a look at them before you make a purchase decision.

Gas grill – advantages and disadvantages

The gas grill is still less popular than its charcoal counterpart. The difference between these types of grills is considerable, including in the construction of both devices. A gas grill is most often powered by a gas cylinder. It contains one or more burners, which are the source of the fire. In gas grills, there is a plate between the grate and the burners, onto which the fat and juices from the baked food drip. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of gas grills.

Advantages of a gas grill:

  1. Convenience of use – starting a gas grill is trivial, just turn the knob.
  2. It allows you to easily reach the desired temperature, and controlling it is trivial, as most models have a thermometer built into the lid.
  3. It is easy to keep clean, as the fat does not come into direct contact with the burners and the bottom of the grill.
  4. It provides excellent taste and aroma of grilled food without the risk of burning the baked dishes.
  5. When cooking food, no harmful substances are emitted, which appear, for example, when cooking on a charcoal grill, but about that in a moment.
  6. During grilling, the characteristic smell of smoke from burning coal does not rise.
  7. Experienced grill masters cite as a disadvantage of the gas grill its price – a good model of gas grill is more expensive than a coal grill of a similar class.

Coal grill – advantages and disadvantages.

What a charcoal barbecue looks like hardly needs to be explained to anyone. This is such a popular device that everyone has probably seen it. So let’s perhaps get straight to an overview of its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of charcoal grills:

  1. Variety – in stores you will find many different models of charcoal grills. You can easily choose the right shape and size for you.
  2. They are handy – most models can be easily carried.
  3. Price – they are cheaper than gas grills.

Disadvantages of charcoal grills:

  1. The need to light a fire – it takes longer to start the grill and get the right temperature for cooking than with gas grills.
  2. When lighting a fire, it is easy to get dirty (coal quickly leaves marks on clothes and skin) and soak up the smell of burning coal and kindling.
  3. It’s difficult to maintain a constant grilling temperature, especially on models without a lid, where the wind often sparks the fire and flames form that toast food unevenly.
  4. Fat flowing from grilled food drips onto the glowing coals and harmful substances can be produced as a result. Burnt fat has a negative impact on our health.

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