How do I plant conifers in pots?

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Conifers are not demanding shrubs. Recently it has become very popular to plant conifers in pots. What should I keep in mind when planting conifers in pots?

Planting conifers in pots has become very popular. More and more people decorate their balconies and terraces with them. The main advantage of conifers is that they can be freely formed. Thanks to this they become the decoration of the apartment or garden.

The place of setting the pots with conifers can be freely changed. This makes the garden more dynamic. Conifers can be combined with other shrubs or flowers, creating a very interesting arrangement of the balcony or terrace.

Which conifers are best for potting?

Small conifers with a compact form are best for planting in pots. It is advisable to buy such plants from a gardener or nursery because they are of better quality than those available in hypermarkets. It is best to choose dwarf or creeping varieties for growing in pots. Black pine, mountain pine, western cedar, white spruce and creeping juniper look interesting in pots.

How to plant conifers in pots?

Planting conifers in pots must be done very precisely, because they are perennial plants. They should be repotted every 4-5 years. In the pot there must be a suitable substrate, the best is to use soil for conifers or make your own mixture of peat, sand and gardening soil.

In the first year after planting the plants should be systematically fertilized with half a dose of fertilizer for conifers. Before planting the plants should be watered abundantly. This makes it much easier to pull them out of the pot.

A layer of drainage must be laid in the pot e.g.: of expanded clay. It is important to remember that the drainage layer cannot cover the pot hole. It should be between 3 and 10 cm high. The drainage layer should be covered with geotextile (it can be lined inside the pot). Into such a prepared pot, plant the plant with the soil. Then cover with the remaining soil.

How do I care for conifers in pots?

Conifers in pots are not demanding plants. They require a sunny or partial shade position and an acidic soil. They should be watered regularly. Young shrubs (in the first year after planting) need regular fertilizing. Conifers can be pruned to give them the desired shape. Pruning should be done in spring or summer – by the end of July at the latest.

With which plants should conifers be combined?

Conifers look best when accompanied by shrubs with similar requirements, such as rhododendrons, azaleas and hydrangeas. They look great in the company of, among others, heathers, heathers, common ivy.

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