Should evergreens and conifers be watered in winter?

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In winter we can still enjoy the beauty of evergreens and conifers (with the exception of larch, which is the only tree that loses its needles at this time of year). However, the question arises: should you water them in winter or not?

Plants that look beautiful all year round require constant attention from us. Watering plays a very important role, also in winter. So we answer the previous question – yes, these plants need to be watered in winter, but there are some conditions to be met.

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First of all, watering evergreens and conifers in winter should be done before frost or on thaw, so that the water has a chance to soak into the ground before it freezes again. In addition, avoid soaking the aboveground parts of the plants.

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Winter watering is especially important for young plants that have not yet developed a strong root system.

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