Pumpkin Season. Decorations and tasty recipes

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A classic lantern, an original vase, or maybe a beautiful figurine – impressive pumpkin decorations you can make yourself. In addition, we provide recipes for delicious pumpkin soup and pies.

Autumn = pumpkin, pumpkin = autumn

With the arrival of autumn also begins the season for pumpkin. This vegetable is very versatile, which works well not only as an ingredient of delicious dishes, but also as a unique decoration. It can be used not only indoors, but also on the balcony or terrace, especially since most plants at this time of year are no longer as attractive as we would like.

In autumn the leaves become colorful, there are lots of chestnuts and acorns under the trees. Pumpkin perfectly fits into this climate. Its beautiful, intensive orange color and a bulbous shape in various sizes gives a lot of arrangement possibilities. On the market we can find both mini versions, as well as giant pieces. Before buying them it is worth to think where they should be placed – on the table, windowsill, at the entrance or maybe outside. We present three proven ideas for pumpkin decorations and two recipes for pumpkin dishes.

Paint in hand and get to work!

There is no doubt that pumpkins are a decorative vegetable. You can simply place one large pumpkin or create a composition of several different sizes. You can also go a step further and literally in a few seconds create a unique decoration.

How to do it? Just paint or spray a pumpkin. The color can be anything you want; gold and silver, as well as black and white pumpkins look very elegant. Pumpkins in red, navy blue or bottle green will also look original.

There is no obstacle to spice up pumpkin figures a bit and, for example, sprinkle them with glitter, tie them with a ribbon or glue on various trinkets. Everything depends on our creativity and expectations. The only limit is your imagination.

Pumpkin lantern not only for Halloween

Pumpkin and candles are a perfect combination. You can set them next to each other, and even better, hollow out a pumpkin and put a candle inside. Then it will become a beautiful lantern. This decoration is suitable not only for Halloween. Besides, no one orders to cut in the pumpkin only a smiling face. You can choose hearts, flowers, circles or even more precise and fancy designs. When making jack-o-lanterns, it is important to choose a pumpkin that will have no problem with stability on a flat surface.

Pumpkin as a vase? Yes!

The last suggestion is to transform a pumpkin into a vase. Here, too, it must be stable. You should also think about placing flowers inside to prevent them from soaking in water and rotting. It is good, for example, to pad the pumpkin with foil or a florist sponge. You can also place a bouquet of flowers in a glass container first and then inside the pumpkin. You can also cover the entire center with soil and place various kinds of succulents in it.

Warming pumpkin cream with a bonus

There are plenty of recipes for autumn pumpkin soup. Each is more or less based on the same thing, but here the details play a big role; spices and other additives. Such a soup is easily digestible, contains a lot of fiber and folic acid.

The basic ingredients are: diced pumpkin, onion and pressed garlic. All this should be thrown into a boiling vegetable broth. We recommend adding carrots and yam, i.e. sweet potato. Then the taste will be definitely more interesting.

Do not forget the spices; smoked paprika, turmeric, curry, salt and ginger. The proportions should be adjusted to your taste preferences. Cream or coconut milk – blended or added on the plate in the form of a blob – will also be perfect.

The other ingredients remain. This soup can be served with pumpkin seeds or tossed with chickpea balls roasted in the oven. These flavors blend together perfectly.

Pumpkin pancakes – an instant breakfast

Pancakes and other pancakes are a great option for a delicious meal. Depending on the toppings, they can be served sweet; with maple syrup, jam or fruit – or salty; with meat, vegetables or even an egg.

To make pumpkin pancakes, all you need is grated pumpkin, whole wheat flour, egg, spices; ginger, salt, pepper, and oil for frying. Ready pancakes will go well with natural yogurt or tomato sauce. If you omit the ginger, the pancakes will have a milder taste and it is best to sprinkle them with powdered sugar or vanilla sugar.

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