Autumn in the garden. What work should be done?

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Summer is over, so it’s time for autumn garden cleanup. What should be done around the house before the onset of winter? Find out what works are necessary at this time.

Time for autumn garden cleaning

Summer is many people’s favorite season, but autumn also has its supporters. Long evenings at home definitely have their charm! During this time, however, you can not forget about the care of the garden. The list of work to be done around the house before winter arrives is quite long. Find out what to do so that your garden does not suffer with the change of season.

What should you start with? 

Some of the garden work should be started immediately. When autumn approaches, it’s time to remove fallen, dry leaves, trim trees and water generously those plants that like moisture. Of course, you can’t forget about cold-sensitive plants either – such shrubs and perennials should be covered. It is also necessary to mow the lawn. 

Lawn – how to prepare it for autumn?

In autumn, it is necessary to remember to mow the lawn, but we do it much less often than in the spring-summer season, while the last mowing is done at the end of October, maximum at the beginning of November. 

Specialists stress that it is also good to aerate the lawn with an aerator. In turn, when removing withered and dry leaves, it is worthwhile to use a garden vacuum cleaner with a blower function. Interestingly, some devices of this type have a function for shredding leaves – just in time to make them useful for compost later!

Tidying up your flowerbeds – now is the time for it

Start by weeding out the weeds from your flowerbeds. Then reach for compost or fertilizer. Importantly, before frost, the flowerbeds should be dug up. For beds with perennial plants, trim and remove withered above-ground parts. The most important thing, however, is to remove all fragments of plants that have disease symptoms. 

Trim trees and shrubs

Early autumn, on the other hand, is the ideal time to trim those trees and shrubs where it is necessary. Reach for your favorite pruning shears, or in the case of thicker branches, a garden saw.

How to protect plants from frost?

This is a mandatory point – we are talking, of course, about protecting plants from frost. Experienced gardeners advise that plants should be covered only after the first frost. There is no point in doing it earlier, as they should get used to lower temperatures.

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