Tools useful for lawn care in spring

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In spring, not only flower beds need attention. As soon as warmer days arrive, be sure to start spring lawn care. We suggest what tools will be useful for this.

Spring lawn care

No one probably needs to be convinced that lawn care is a must. Proper care at the beginning of spring stimulates the grass to grow and will make the lawn denser and better withstand possible drought. See what we need to do and what tools will be necessary for this work.

Rake in hand!

The basic tool for lawn care is a rake. Before we start more advanced work, we need to rake it decently after winter. This will remove from the lawn the remains of decaying plants (such as old blades of grass or leaves that fell in autumn and were not collected before winter). This treatment will get rid of the so-called felt, and the roots of the grass will have easier access to water and oxygen. Such a raked lawn also better absorbs the components of fertilizers, with which it is worth strengthening the grass in the spring.

Remember that for spring lawn raking it is best to use a fan rake, which is more delicate and will not damage the growing blades of grass. Don’t leave collected dirt on the lawn, collect it in a wheelbarrow and put it in the composter or bio-waste garbage can.

After a cold winter, carry out rolling

If the winter was cold, it’s a good idea to carry out lawn rolling. This will ensure that the top layer does not stand off from the rest of the soil and the grass roots are pressed into the ground. A raised top layer is, contrary to appearances, a common phenomenon that occurs after cold winters. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry out a rolling treatment (get a roller weighing less than 90 kg), which will further level out the unevenness of the ground. 

Remember to remove molehills before the treatment, as such a large unevenness of the terrain will not be aesthetically leveled during rolling.

Aerator – manual, diesel, electric

To improve the permeability of the soil, it is worthwhile to carry out aeration, or aeration. Such a procedure will loosen the soil and improve its ability to absorb water and other components necessary for grass. Aeration can even be carried out with a garden fork (drive it to a depth of about 8-10 cm and move it from side to side), but for larger lawns, it is worth getting a tool designed for this type of work. In garden stores you will find a wide range of manual, diesel and electric aerators.

Remember that after carrying out aeration of the lawn, it is worth spreading fine sand on the surface of the lawn and raking it properly. Thus filled holes in the ground, which were created after aeration, will positively affect the structure of the soil and improve drainage.

Lawn mower, trimmer, petrol scythe, grass shears

A well-manicured lawn grows lushly and requires regular mowing. It is worth getting a lawn mower whose parameters are adequate for the size of our lawn. Don’t mow your lawn regularly? A trimmer (for small lawns) or a petrol mower (when you have more grass) will make it easier for you to deal with bushy grass. Does your lawn have a few hard-to-reach spots? Grass shears will be invaluable!

And what tool do you not start your spring lawn care without?

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