Metal Fence. Metal fence maintenance

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Metal fences are one of the most durable solutions. To make them look attractive for a long time, you need to systematically maintain them

Why should you maintain the metal fence?

Metal is a material very susceptible to corrosion, which is caused by changing weather conditions. After several years, protective coatings begin to crack, peel and fall off – revealing more and more of the metal surface, which is exposed to adverse weather conditions, which in turn can lead to corrosion.

When should you maintain the fence?

Metal fence maintenance should be done in the spring or early summer. Do not paint the metal surface if the air temperature exceeds 40°C. It is best to do this when the temperature does not exceed 25°C and the humidity does not exceed 85%.

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Three ways to maintain a metal fence

The first way

Remove paint residue to the bare metal. No paint particles or rust should be left behind. The entire cleaned surface should be treated with an anti-corrosion paint, which is supposed to level out what you couldn’t scrape off by hand. Then paint with primer, and when dry, paint for metal

This method is very labor intensive and recommended for old and damaged metal coatings.

Second method

Only rust clusters and paint that is peeling are removed. The metal is then painted with a 2-in-1 metal paint, which means that it contains anti-corrosive agents. This method is very quick and recommended for painting small areas.

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The third way

Metal elements of the fence are disassembled and subjected to sandblasting – with the help of water and sand the old paint coating is removed. Some companies offer on-site sandblasting service.

This method is the most expensive of all, but the most effective.

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Maintenance of a metal fence step by step

1. Cleaning the surface.

The first step is to thoroughly clean the surface. This will allow the paint to have better adhesion. Cleaning the surface can be done with:

  • sandpaper,
  • grinder,
  • wire brush,
  • sandblasting – mechanical removal of the old coating.

2. Degreasing.

Metal surfaces can be degreased using:

  • extractive gasoline,
  • other products available on the market.

3. Paint with an impregnating agent protecting against corrosion.

4. After the impregnator has dried, apply 2 coats of paint.

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What is the best paint for the fence?

Choosing the right paint is very important for the fence to maintain a beautiful appearance for many years of use. The paints should be resistant to adverse weather conditions. For fence maintenance we recommend the following paints:

  • primers – make the metal resistant to rust,
  • primers – provide better paint adhesion,
  • decorative – add color and protect against weather conditions.

What tools should be used for maintenance of the fence?

Tools for fence maintenance should be selected according to individual preferences. The most popular tools are:

  • brushes – flat and round,
  • paint roller – necessary for painting large areas.

A well maintained and nicely painted fence is the pride of any property. Therefore, it is worth taking care of proper maintenance.

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