How to take care of a pond in the garden?

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A pond is a very impressive decoration in the garden. It will also allow you to breed beautiful fish. However, if you want your pond to have comfortable conditions for them and look good all year round, you need to take care of it properly. We suggest how to do this.

A pond will certainly add variety to the look of your garden. But to do so you need to take care of it properly – not only in summer when you spend most time in the garden but throughout the year. This will enable you to breed fish such as beautiful koi or crucian carp and provide them with the right conditions. So how do you care for your garden pond?

Pond pumps

A pond pump is essential for aerating and filtering the water. It should be selected according to the size of your pond so that its performance is not too weak or too strong. A good solution are energy-saving pumps or models that protect against overheating, which significantly increases safety. Spare parts for pumps, such as an impeller or a UV light connector for example, can also be useful. These and other products for garden pond care can be found at

Removing impurities

Your pond needs to be well cared for to be beautiful. Algae that appears from time to time have the most negative effect on the aesthetics of the pond. That’s why it’s worth installing filters that allow both mechanical and biological filtration. Models with UV-C lamp are also available – thanks to it water will be purified from algae and protected against blooming

In addition to filters you will also find special pond products with which you can also get rid of algae. These products clean the water by coagulation – floating particles of unwanted plants stick together and you can remove them immediately. It is also a good idea to choose a disinfectant that will get rid of bacteria and fungi that affect the health of fish and cause the water to smell bad

Taking care of the pond in winter

To make your pond a comfortable home for fish and plants it is essential to care for it also in the winter. Heaters that increase the water temperature will help you in particular. They prevent the water from freezing, which would cause the fish to suffocate. They work even at extremely low temperatures, creating an air hole in the pond that allows air to circulate freely

If you additionally want to make your pond look beautiful even during the time of year when it quickly gets dark, then garden lights in different colors will also be useful. These can have different effects depending on which attachment you use.

Care for fish in your pond

The fish in your pond need to be well cared for in order to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. The most important thing is to choose a well-balanced food that has easily digestible protein, vitamins and amino acids as well as fibre – everything the animals need for healthy growth. Food typically for pond fish comes in the form of sticks that will not dissolve in the water and contaminate it. In addition, it will provide your fish with beautiful and intense coloration.

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