Storing gardening tools

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Doing gardening work requires you to have various tools and equipment. How should you store them so that they will last at least a few years?

Where to store garden tools?

Tools for gardening can be stored in:

  • garage in a designated place,
  • basement,
  • tool shed,
  • a crate (when there are few tools).

Storage of garden tools

In gardening stores and DIY stores you can find holders and hangers for storing tools, among others:

  • secateurs,
  • spades,
  • hoes.

Hanging gardening tools do not take up much space, and if they are placed high enough, you can put other garden equipment next to them, such as lawn mowers.

A great solution for small gardening tools are covers with pockets. They are made of transparent waterproof materials. This is a good way to store, for example, gloves for garden work.

Specialized holders are very useful because they adjust to a specific type of tools, so that shelves and drawers should be able to withstand the extra load. Such handles must be easy to maintain, which will protect them from rusting.

Care of gardening tools

Anyone who wants to have a beautiful and well-maintained garden knows that this requires working with the right tools, which should be properly taken care of by storing them in a designated place.

When the work is done, the tools used should be cleaned of soil residue and if possible even washed. Then put them away in the place where they will be stored (e.g. garage, farm house). In such a place the tools will not be exposed to constant changes in temperature and moisture – so they will last longer.

Autumn cleaning in the garden

In autumn you should put away not only all tools but also garden furniture, umbrellas, flower pots and toys. It’s much easier to store these things if you have a utility room with a sink and running water. The tool storage area should be equipped with:

  • a long and narrow table,
  • shelves for seeds and pots, for example,
  • a lockable cabinet for plant protection products

If the utility room has a window, it can be used for storing seedlings of annual plants which do not overwinter in the ground, e.g. geraniums, geraniums, geraniums, etc

  • geraniums,
  • begonias,
  • fuchsias,
  • daturas.

If the house project does not include a utility house, you can buy a ready-made one e.g. in a DIY store. Another option is to combine a gazebo with a storage room for tools.

How to practically store gardening tools?

For gardening work it is worth choosing such equipment that takes up little storage space. In stores you can find many tools that can be hung on hooks, for example. Another space-saving solution are multi-purpose tools which have attachments for changing handles.

Tools and other garden necessities should have a permanent place to store them. That’s why you should equip your garden room with sturdy shelves, hooks, hangers, bins and drawers for small items.

During the winter, garden tools should be stored in a dry and closed room. Things made of plastic or rubber should be stored in positive temperatures – in temperatures below 0 degrees they can crack. Drain water from the garden hose in the fall.

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