What is the biodynamic calendar?

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The Biodynamic calendar is a method of planning gardening in accordance with the changing phases of the moon and other celestial bodies. It is a method that has been used by farmers since ancient times. Biodynamic farming follows the natural course of plants, usually in an ecological and environmentally friendly way.

kalendarz biodynamiczny
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Does the biodynamic calendar affect crop quality?

According to the theory of the Biodynamic calendar, every organism, including plants and crops, is matter influenced by cosmic forces. Working your garden or field in accordance with the natural cycle of the universe can bring about positive changes. Many gardeners have noticed that synchronizing their gardening with the biodynamic calendar has had an effect on the quality of their crops

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The schedule of tasks in the garden for each year is different, but many processes are repeated, because they are related to the cyclical phases of the moon. The theory says that the time when the moon arrives is ideal for planting and sowing plants and harvesting fruit. Conversely, the time to begin harvesting is when the moon is waning

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