How do you get rid of rodents from your garden?

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Rodents are a worry for many gardeners. They can do a lot of damage especially to beds and flowerbeds. In search of food they can enter the house. This is when the matter becomes much more serious, because they can expose the household members to various diseases. Find out how to get rid of rodents from your house and garden.

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Know your enemy

Voles, grubs, mice and rats are the most common garden rodents. They are small but can do a lot of damage. They readily populate gardens, seeking shelter, food and a place to breed. The field vole, more commonly known as the common vole, feeds on grass, cereals and eats vegetables such as carrots, onions and beets. It can prepare well for autumn, accumulating up to 3 pounds of grain in its hiding place. During the winter, it can do serious damage to trees by biting the bark off them, causing disease or permanent damage, especially to young trees. The field mouse also finds plenty of food in the garden. It likes grass, vegetables and plants, especially ornamentals. In winter, it feeds on roots and bulbs. It can even find those bulbous plants that are stored in the cellar or pantry. The grub , on the other hand, feeds mainly on roots and bulbs. It can dig long corridors among flowerbeds, destroying them completely in the process. It often creates mounds similar to molehills, hence it is often mistaken for a mole. In winter it also likes to bite the bark of trees above the snow cover, which negatively affects their proper growth.

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Ways to deal with rodents

Garden rodents can do a lot of damage in a very short time and they multiply at a rapid pace. If we do not react in time, we may have serious problems with getting rid of unwanted guests from the garden and soon from the house. To act quickly and effectively you need to purchase appropriate products to fight rodents. The sooner we react the better for our health. With the help of specialist store offering products for disinfection, disinfestation and extermination and extremely effective traps for garden rodents

Traps for mice

Mice, like rats, tend to settle in warm but dark and hard to reach places. In this case, mouse traps will be most effective. They are robust and easy to use. By setting traps in the right places, we can get rid of unwanted guests very quickly

Vibe traps, or catchers

This type of trap will be ideal for people who want to get rid of rodents but do not want to kill them. Thanks to their steel construction they are extremely durable. The grooming traps have two independent exits, which are equipped with special latches. This is a safe and effective method to allow rodents to get out without killing the pests. In addition, up to several mice or rats can fit into one trap at a time, and above all, they are reusable products. These traps are available individually or as a set. In addition, the traps can be supplied with covers that prevent the traps from being moved, which certainly contributes to the effectiveness of this device

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Clever and effective

There are many types of traps. With the right products, the fight against garden rodents will certainly be effective. However, it is worthwhile to use those methods that do not harm the animals in the first place

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