Mushroom pumpkin – cultivation and care

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Pumpkin is a must-have in autumn, especially during Halloween, but not only. It is also a real vitamin bomb. Learn the secrets of growing and caring for pumpkins.

Cultivation and care

Pumpkin is very graceful in cultivation, but very demanding. like all cucurbitaceous plants, pumpkin has considerable heat, water and nutritional requirements. It should be provided with a warm and sunny place and fertile, humus soil. It is a good idea to treat the plant with mineral fertilizers for vegetables. When the pumpkin has grown, it is good to provide it with supports, so that the shoots, leaves and fruits do not touch the ground directly, because, unfortunately, this promotes rotting and may also appear mold.

Healthy pumpkin

In pumpkin seeds you will find plenty of enzymes, oil containing unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E and B1, lecithin, sugars and protein. Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful wealth of minerals such as magnesium, zinc, selenium and many other trace elements.

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