Where will a portable power generator work?

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The functioning of today’s world is based primarily on the use of electricity. Without electricity you can do practically nothing. So what can you do when there are power cuts or no power at all?

Why is it worth having a generator?

A generator is a device that is a self-contained and independent source of electricity, so it is used to generate electricity where there is no electricity or a shortage of electricity. Generators can be used as an emergency power supply wherever you run out of power or in a place where you can not connect to the mains such as: construction sites, outdoor events, etc. Generator is most often used on construction sites, but it is also worth having it in the household. Why? Generator is a very good solution in case of unannounced power failure. A home generator will help ensure that you have constant access to electricity for your electronic devices. With an electric generator, you don’t have to worry about your freezer thawing or your furnace with electric feeders stop working, causing your heating to not work. Frequent breakdowns of alarm systems, computers or other devices can cause you a lot of problems, so investing in an electric generator will be very worthwhile. If you have a generator, you do not have to worry about the consequences of power failure or lack of power, because the generator will generate it for you. If you buy a reliable power generator for your home, then no power shortages will be terrible.

What kind of generators are available on the market?

When it comes to choosing a generator, you need to consider where you want to use it. For a detached house you can use a much smaller generator, but for powering construction sites or outdoor events you definitely need a generator with more power and capacity. You can find generators on the market that run on diesel or gasoline models. In the stores you will find generators differing in the construction of the generator or a single-phase or three-phase generator. You can also buy a generator with soundproof housing, silencer or anti-vibration system. Such a good generator works much quieter, so it is not so inconvenient for example when you have to use it in summer houses. You also have the option to buy a generator, which has a smaller or larger fuel tank, thanks to which the generator has a long working time. On the market you can find mobile generators, which you can always take with you to a place where there is no access to electricity.

Where is a three-phase generator suitable?

Three-phase generators provide electricity supply to consumers at 400 volts. Three-phase generators allow you to power high-power devices such as heating equipment, three-phase household kitchens, flow water heaters, construction machinery, lighting, etc. Such a generator will be ideal for construction sites, outdoor events, auto repair shops or farms.

What kind of power generator will be good for home use?

A power generator is a generator that supplies electricity during a power outage or failure. It is a very useful device in a household. This generator can provide emergency power to your home or car garage. So what generator to choose for emergency power supply to the house? Specialists recommend buying a single-phase generator, since most home appliances that require continuous power supply are single-phase 230V receivers. The generator must be equipped with AVR or automatic voltage regulation. A big advantage is when the aggregate has an electric start, is quiet and has 20-30% power reserve. For home use, cheaper generators with smaller dimensions and correspondingly less power will work. Such a cheap generator will certainly beenough to power your home and the equipment you have

Which generators are suitable for construction sites?

Nowadays it is impossible to build a house without electricity, so if there are no power lines connected to the construction site you will need a good generator. A sensible choice would be a three-phase genset. With three-phase generators, you have the option of connecting single-phase appliances as well as three-phase appliances because it has two outlets. You must remember that the power that will be drawn from the single-phase outlets cannot be more than 60% of the power of the entire genset. If you power both outlets at the same time you need to load the phases evenly. The larger the construction site, the more power you will need the generator. When choosing a genset for the construction site, pay attention to the fuel tank capacity, because the larger it is, the longer it will work on one fill. It is also important what fuel consumption has a generator and the noise it makes when you work. Before buying such a generator check exactly what you will need.

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