What is the best to plant in a greenhouse? We suggest!

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If space allows you, it is worth choosing to set up a greenhouse in your garden. With it you will extend the growing season by a valuable few weeks. See what you can grow in a greenhouse.

What can you grow in a greenhouse?

Many proud owners of new greenhouses wonder what can be grown in them besides the obvious tomatoes. There are indeed quite a few options, and it is not worth limiting yourself to growing only one species of vegetable. See what is worth planting in a greenhouse.

New vegetables – a spring vitamin bomb from your own greenhouse!

Before you start growing your target vegetables in your greenhouse, it’s a good idea to take advantage of your greenhouse already in early spring, or even as late as the end of winter, and plant new vegetables in it. As early as the end of February you can sow radishes, lettuce, chives, spinach, lamb’s lettuce or parsley in the greenhouse. Sown in the greenhouse at the end of winter, they will have time to grow up before the date for planting tomatoes in the greenhouse. Such self-grown new vegetables are a real vitamin bomb!

Vegetables ideal for growing in the greenhouse

When you hear “greenhouse”, do you say “vegetables”? No wonder, since the vast majority of people associate this way of growing mainly with vegetables, primarily tomatoes and cucumbers. The greenhouse is an excellent place to grow them, but it is not worth limiting yourself to just them. It’s also worth planting peppers there, which like high humidity, so they will feel great in the greenhouse. 

If you like the taste of eggplant, the greenhouse will be an excellent place to grow it. Eggplant (also known as eggplant) has quite a lot of requirements and does not grow very well in ground cultivation in Poland. Therefore, it is worth setting aside some space for it in the greenhouse, but be careful: eggplant should not grow in close proximity to peppers and tomatoes, as all these plants belong to the solanaceous family, so they are prone to similar diseases.

Fruits that are worth planting in the greenhouse

Not only vegetables, but also fruits are worth planting in the greenhouse. If only the size of the greenhouse allows you, it is not worth limiting yourself to vegetables only. In a greenhouse you can grow fruits that in cultivated ground would not grow much or even not have time to ripen before the arrival of autumn cold.

Melons planted in a greenhouse have a high chance of producing an abundant and tasty crop. The greenhouse also opens up the possibility of growing your own watermelon (also called cavon). The fruit you grow yourself will be rather smaller, but much tastier than the imported fruit available in stores. 

Planting grapes in the greenhouse is also an interesting idea. These fruits, if you choose a species suitable for Polish weather conditions, can be successfully grown in the ground, but those grown in a greenhouse produce a more abundant yield. The clusters of grapes grown under cover are larger, and their fruits are juicier and sweeter than those grown outside. If you have a greenhouse of considerable size, it is definitely worth setting aside a space in it dedicated to the cultivation of these fruits.

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