What flowers to plant in the fall to be happy in the spring?

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Fall is the time to prepare the garden for winter, and it is also the right time to plant spring-flowering flowers. The most popular spring flowers are bulbous plants, which must “overwinter” in the ground.

Bulbs planted in autumn

Fall planted bulb flowers are beautiful plants, without which not one garden owner can not imagine spring. How to plant autumn flower bulbs? What species of flowers to plant at what height?

Planting depth for bulbs

The depth of planting bulbs is very important. There is a rule that the planting depth should be three times the height of the bulb – although there are exceptions to this rule. Planting depth for selected bulb flowers:

  • Begonia – about 2 cm below ground,
  • Cube-shaped checkerboard – about 6 cm below ground,
  • Veined iris – about 10 cm below ground,
  • Sapphire – about 10 cm below the ground,
  • Hyacinth – about 8 cm below the ground,
  • Narcissus – about 6 cm below the ground,
  • Tulip – about 12 cm below the ground,
  • Lily – about 18 cm below the ground.

The most popular bulbs planted in autumn


These are one of the most popular spring flowers. You can buy a lot of different varieties in stores. These flowers require a sunny position and fertile soil, which should be fed with fertilizer. When tulips bloom in spring you should cut off their inflorescences – thanks to that they will multiply faster.


Blooming narcissuses bring a cheerful spring atmosphere straight from grandma’s garden. There are several varieties of narcissus which differ in color and intensity of smell. The plants require a sunny position and fertile soil. The flowers should be cut back after flowering.


Crocuses are considered to be the symbol of spring because they are among the earliest flowers to bloom. Despite their small size, the flowers are extremely strong – they can break through snow cover. Clusters of crocuses look lovely in beds. The most popular are the purple crocuses, but you can also find them in other colors such as

  • white,
  • pastel pink,
  • pastel blue,
  • yellow,
  • orange and brown.


These plants are very popular. In spring you can buy blooming hyacinths in decorative pots. These flowers enchant with their fragrance and color. They bloom for a long time – about 2-3 weeks. They require a sunny place sheltered from the wind.

Ornamental garlic

This plant is not very popular in polish gardens. It is characterized by a long tubular stem ending in a large spherical inflorescence. Ornamental garlic comes in different colors. This plant should be planted in permeable soil, in sunny position.


These flowers are perennial bulbs with bell-shaped inflorescences. Each variety of this flower has different growing requirements. The most important thing for checkerboard is the proper depth of planting the bulbs.


These plants are as graceful as their name. They have a small blue inflorescence. These flowers are not very demanding. They need a semi-shaded position with moderate soil moisture.

Perennials planted in fall

Covering perennials are also planted in the fall. Preferably at the same depth as they grew in the pot. Perennials cannot be planted too densely as they will compete with each other which can lead to stem death. The most popular perennials planted in the fall are:

  • rhododendron,
  • chinese tulip,
  • heart-shaped bergenia,
  • brunnera,
  • lily of the valley,
  • belladonna,
  • …funky..,
  • japanese rockweed.

Roses planted in autumn

Autumn is also a good time to plant roses. These flowers planted in autumn bloom even in early spring (it depends on the variety). Roses for fall planting should have a well-developed root system. These flowers should be planted in a sunny place, in fertile soil with a slightly acidic pH. When planting roses, it is worth to fertilize them immediately with a suitable multi-component fertilizer. Before the occurrence of the first frosts, its roots should be covered, this can be done with interlining.


Heather is a flower that blooms in early spring and late autumn. These flowers reach a maximum height of 20-30 cm and come in various shades of pink and purple. Heather requires a sunny or semi-shaded position with fertile slightly acidic soil. These plants can withstand frost even to -30°C.

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