The best patents for a beautiful and green lawn for years to come!

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You don’t have to be an experienced gardener at all to keep your lawn green, without yellow and dry patches that only spoil the appearance of the entire property. Here’s a proven solution!

Why does a lawn turn yellow?

Keeping a beautiful and green lawn is a challenge. It often develops unsightly yellowish patches or dry spots. What causes this? Actually, there can be many reasons. Some are the result of our mistakes, others are caused by diseases or pests.

For example, the lawn will turn yellow if we over-fertilize it – either by spreading it unevenly or by giving too little fertilizer, which leads to a lack of valuable nutrients such as nitrogen. The same can happen if you mow the lawn too low.

Round yellow spots are caused by dog urine, as well as being a symptom of feeding spider mites. Yellowing can also indicate snow mold, for example.

A green lawn for years to come

Sometimes, however, you’ll find that correcting all these mistakes and getting rid of pests yields little improvement. Then it’s worth thinking about the grass itself. Normally, one seed grows one clump. However, some may not take and we have ready-made clearances. You can remedy this and choose self-compacting grass.

What is its phenomenon? A clump of grass grows from a single seed, but then this clump forms shoots underground, from which other clumps grow. And so on all the time. In this way, the lawn becomes denser and denser, which is what every property owner dreams of – here time is working in the lawn’s favour.

In addition, dry patches are attacked by weeds which you then have to get rid of. In the case of self-compacting grass, the suckers crowd out these weeds and there is not enough room for them, so we no longer have to worry about them.

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This type of grass can be used both when establishing a new lawn and when saving an existing one.

Why choose self-compacting grass?

Self-compacting grass creates a dense green carpet that is also resistant to various types of damage. It can be trampled on or used intensively and there should be no trace of it. And if there is any damage, this grass regenerates very quickly and rebuilds the destroyed place.

As we have already mentioned, such a turf looks better and better every month and year, creating a dense coverage. You only have to sow it once and then everything will develop by itself.

As self-compacting grass means that no weeds grow in your garden, you not only save money on possible weed killers, but most importantly, you don’t pollute the environment with them. In addition, we also do not have to worry about fungal diseases or freeze-thaw.

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It should also be mentioned that the seeds of this grass germinate quickly and even when the temperature is low, so there is no need to wait for better weather. Traditionally we have to wait about two weeks for the effects, but here it is enough just seven days. In addition, if we need to, we can mow it much lower without causing gaps or yellowing.

Self-compacting grass is relatively expensive compared to traditional grass, so some people may wonder if it is worth investing money in it. Here, however, it should be noted that this price will quickly pay for itself. First of all, as we have already mentioned, we will not spend a single zloty on weedkillers. Secondly, one packet is enough to sow a very large area. And finally, thirdly: there is no need to regularly buy new packs of grass, because once established the lawn will serve for many long years.

It is also worth adding that self-densifying grass is used on golf courses and football fields, and as you know, these substrates are heavily exploited. Ordinary grass wouldn’t be able to cope with, for example, soccer boots with corks that dig into the ground and dig it up.

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