How to water the garden and save water?

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Every year, life-giving water becomes more precious. How to save it with many plants around the house? Find out how to water your garden and save water.

Water – more and more precious every year

The world situation is becoming more and more alarming, also when it comes to water resources. If you care about the environment, you must be wondering how to save water. And very well, because there is a lot you can already do in your home and garden. How can you water your plants and save water and money at the same time? Let’s find out!

Watering the garden – how much does it cost?

If not concern for the environment, then surely the money you save when you start thinking about how to manage water when watering plants can convince you.

Experts calculate that an average of five liters of water per square metre per day is needed to water a lawn. And so from spring until autumn! For a garden of about 300 square meters, averaging the price per liter of water in different provinces, you can spend up to about 3500 zł on watering per season.

So it’s definitely worth thinking seriously about saving water. Especially considering the fact that Poland is a country with one of the smallest water resources in Europe

Saving water in the garden – a possibility but also an obligation

Although theoretically everything is your choice, is not – due to environmental and economic factors – wise water management actually our duty? It’s really hard to deny that. Saving water can be easier than you think.

Rainwater – use it!

One obvious way to conserve water resources is to use the water that remains after rainfall. Rainwater is a valuable resource for watering plants. It is completely free, and has a better effect on your garden than tap water – so use it!

If you want to collect rainwater, place containers under your gutters. This is an easy way of collecting that you can implement in your garden right away. Look in gardening stores where you can find rainwater tanks fitted with special taps. They will make collecting water easier. Rain barrels also work well for collecting rainwater.

Water your garden in the evening

The best time to water your garden is at the end of the day. Because it is simply cooler at night than during the day, less water will evaporate from the soil. If you choose to water in the evening, the plants will benefit from the moisture effectively. Some people also suggest the morning as a good time to water the garden – just don’t do it in the middle of the day when temperatures are highest.

You’ll need a sprinkler

It’s a good idea to invest in an economical sprinkler. Also remember to position it thoughtfully – so that it waters only the plants, not, for example, a piece of paving.

Group your plants

You can think about using water wisely in your garden right from the planting stage. Group plants and plant them close together so that those that need less watering are in one place. This will help you to water your garden economically.

Water infrequently but abundantly

Frequent watering of the garden is not essential. Any gardener will admit that it is better to water plants less frequently but abundantly. This is good for plant growth but also economical. In this way you will always save water.

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