How do I renew my decking after winter?

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A terrace finished with a natural plank looks great and is pleasant to use. However, in order to preserve its charm and the good condition of the wood for many years, it is necessary to take care of it properly and regularly.

The winter period is particularly unfavorable for wooden exterior elements of the house. Natural decking requires annual maintenance to keep it in good condition and fresh for years to come. See how to renew a decking board after winter.

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Care for natural wood decking

  1. Start the restoration of decking boards after the winter period by cleaning them thoroughly with a brush and water or a pressure washer
  2. If your decking has visibly tarnished and lost its color after the winter, you will need to additionally clean it with a special product that removes gray tarnish from natural wood decking boards.
  3. Now it’s time to oil the decking. This treatment protects the decking against the effects of changing weather conditions. In addition, we will also improve its appearance. When choosing a suitable product, it is worth looking for an approved one to be sure of high quality.
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