Insect Protection. Insecticidal lamps and mosquito repellents

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Do you love spending time in your garden on long summer evenings? If so, you are certainly tired of mosquitoes and insects that constantly disturb your peace. We know the answer.

Relaxing in the garden is a great form of relaxation. Who among us does not like to enjoy the beauty of summer days? Unfortunately, annoying insects such as mosquitoes effectively discourage us from such rest. With help came to us manufacturers of devices that repel unwanted insects in our space

Insecticidal lamp – how it works

The action of insecticidal lamps will appreciate each and every one of us. The lamp should be placed in the garden, at home or on the terrace. We should choose a place where we spend a lot of time and where mosquitoes and other insects particularly disturb us.

The lamp first effectively lures insects to itself, and then eliminates them. It is therefore a kind of a simple trap for mosquitoes, flies or other persistent insects. Lamp baiting was created with natural insect behavior in mind. Insects are well oriented in a space that is well lit. Because of this, we often see them busily trying to get into our lighted rooms at night and flying near light bulbs. Insecticidal and repellent lamps, emit light whose wavelengths are strikingly similar to the natural reference point for insects, namely the moon or the sun. Insects are therefore instinctively attracted to the lamp

On the market today, you will find several types of insecticidal lamps, which eliminate insects in different ways. Before buying it, it is worth to verify exactly which of them will be perfect in our house

Types of insecticidal lamps

Insecticidal lamps

Insecticidal lamps are the most popular ones. Their operation is based mainly on the generation of electric voltage, which eliminates insects. The voltage of about 1000 to 4500 V is generated inside the device. The insect, as a result of contact with the grate – dies, because it is electrocuted. As you can easily guess, the higher the voltage, the better the effectiveness. Insects usually fall on a tray specially mounted in the lamp. It should be regularly cleaned of accumulated insects. Insect control lamps are ideal for use on patios, at home and in the garden

Windmill lamps

This lamp works by sucking insects and redirecting them through a built-in windmill to a container placed inside the lamp. This type of lamp is an interesting solution because it does not generate any visible impurities. However, despite this, the container with non-venomous mosquitoes should be cleaned from time to time. The advantage of windmill lamps is that they work very quietly. So they are a good solution for a bedroom or a child’s room. Manufacturers, wanting to further improve the windmill lamps, have included a UV fluorescent lamp. Interestingly, they can disinfect the environment around. We often find such devices in many places that should maintain a certain sanitary regime

Sticky lamps

In these insecticide lamps, the biggest role is played by the sticky. It is to it that insects attracted by the light stick. The sticky should be replaced regularly. Only then will the lamp function as intended. The cost of such a stick varies from a few to several zlotys per piece

Insecticidal lamps – power supply

In most cases insecticidal lamps should be connected to a power source via a power cord. It also happens that they function only by connecting to a laptop with a USB cable. Some lamps draw power from batteries, but there is also a group of lamps that have built-in batteries.

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