Philodendron – species, care and cultivation

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If you are looking for an original species that has few requirements, choose the philodendron. It is the most varied kind of pot plant. Learn more about its cultivation

Brief characteristics

The philodendron is native to southern and central America and includes over 700 species. Unfortunately, only some of them are suitable for cultivation at home. This plant has very original and colorful leaves. Some of them are interestingly colored. The philodendron comes from the same family as the monstera or the zamoculcas. This species is perfect as a decorative species for apartments. It will look great in many types of interiors

Philodendrons are popular houseplants found all over the world. They can be very forgiving when it comes to growing conditions. They tolerate short-term neglect, such as poor soil or inadequate lighting. In intertropical climates they are also grown in gardens. It is commonly said that philodendrons are excellent air purifiers

What are the known species of philodendron?

The most commonly grown potted varieties are the climbing philodendron and the reddish philodendron . The former is the least demanding, which is also why it is so popular. This plant does well in a variety of conditions. It looks great when placed in hanging pots and entwined around various trellises, ropes or stakes. It can grow up to 2-3 meters long. The red philodendron is more demanding but it looks great. It’s a decorative plant, which has an unusual color of leaves. It has stiff and thick stems. It is a decorative plant with stiff and thick stems

There are also varieties which are suitable for collectors. This is the Moonlight philodendron, for example. It has leaves with an intense lime-yellow color. They are slightly fluorescent. Such species is very rare on the market. The variety White Princess is also in demand. It has heart-shaped leaves, which have characteristic white spots. Very interesting is the Philodendron Verrucosum, called the Papillose. It is a botanical species. Its leaves give the impression of being velvety and soft to the touch. They are also big, heart shaped and very unusual. The young growths are orange, later they turn green. You should also look for Florida Beauty or Painted Lady philodendron

Collector’s plants are demanding species which are suitable only for enthusiasts. You have to devote more time and attention to them. It is also worth having some skills, because such plants are often very expensive. There is no room for experimenting.

How to take care of this plant?

Although it is easy to care for, it is worth creating the right microclimate for it, due to its tropical origin. The philodendron likes bright rooms, but it should stand in a place where it doesn’t get direct sunlight. A room with east- or west-facing windows is best. If the leaves start to yellow excessively, this could mean that the philodendron has too much light. This plant also requires high humidity. It is therefore advisable to spray it regularly with water

However, be careful when watering. Stagnant water can be bad for the roots. It is advisable to check the moisture level with a finger and not to water when the plant has enough water. It grows best in moderate temperatures. In summer it is worth using liquid fertilizers. They contain valuable macroelements needed for rapid growth and healthy development. In winter, water it less and avoid fertilizing.

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