How do I clean concrete pavements?

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Especially after the winter season, the concrete pavement in front of your home will need a solid cleaning. How to clean a concrete floor? What agents should be used? How to get rid of difficult to remove stains? We suggest.

Concrete is by far the most commonly used material for flooring on a home property. Terraces, driveways or square in front of the house – most of them are usually made of concrete. In order to keep our floor neat and looking good, we need to thoroughly wash the concrete surface from time to time. You will read below about how to do this and what products to use to clean concrete.

Step 1: Sweeping

Cleaning a concrete surface starts with sweeping. Accumulated dust, leaves, pieces of broken branches, or pebbles all need to be removed before cleaning the floor

If your yard is paved and weeds or moss have grown in the spaces in between, they will need to be removed and a weed killer applied to those areas to prevent them from growing again.

Step 2: Pressure washer

The best tool for cleaning concrete slabs is definitely a pressure washer, which allows you to thoroughly get rid of accumulated dirt thanks to its adjustable spray force. Using water under the right pressure should remove the dirt from the surface – concrete has the advantage that dirt does not soak into it too deeply

However, if there are more serious stains on our floor, e.g. oil stains, then it will be necessary to apply additional measures. In order to remove greasy stains, you can try home detergents. Make sure that they do not contain bleaching agents, abrasives or ammonia – these substances could damage the concrete surface. You can also use a special cleaner designed for this type of surface.

Lime scale may also appear on concrete. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to use special acidic cleaners. When applying them to the concrete surface, remember to be careful – they are quite strong agents.

Step 3: Impregnation

This is the last and very important step in caring for a concrete floor. Impregnation will allow to keep the effect after surface cleaning is finished, it will create an additional hydrophobic layer, thanks to which melting snow or rain water will flow down on the concrete surface, not leaving dirty marks and drips. The action of impregnants makes that any dirt will be only on the surface and the next time you wash it will be much easier to remove.

How to impregnate a concrete pavement?

The process of impregnation is best carried out on a sunny, cloudless day. Impregnation is done twice – the second coat should be applied before the first one dries.

To spread the impregnating agent we recommend using a roller or a wide brush. You can also opt for the spraying method. A brush will be particularly useful for levelling the impregnating coat.

The concrete pavement will be ready for daily use 24 hours after impregnation

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