By when to mow the grass in the garden?

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The intense green of grass is a sign of nature awakening in spring. A beautiful lawn is a place for play, picnics, and a showcase for your home. But when should we mow the grass?

How do you care for a lawn?

You basically have to take care of your lawn all the time until it is covered with snow. You should remove fallen leaves as soon as they start falling from the trees to prevent the turf from rotting, as this can lead to the appearance of snow mold or other fungal diseases. Make sure that you water the lawn regularly, especially during dry periods, and fertilize it, preferably after consulting a specialist.

When do I have to mow the lawn?

As a rule, you should mow the lawn every two weeks from spring to autumn. However, it all depends on the air temperature and humidity.When autumn is warm and humid, the grass is still growing, so it still needs regular mowing. In general, the last mowing of the lawn is done in mid-October, and then only rake the leaves from the surface regularly

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