What to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas, where to throw it away or when to plant a tree?

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Before us is the most beautiful time of the year, which means preparations for Christmas. And although this year the holidays will be slightly different than before, we are not giving up on Christmas decorations. On the contrary! Many of us have already dressed up the Christmas tree at the beginning of December. A living and fragrant one is a real symbol of Christmas, unfortunately it is short-lived. We often wonder what to do with a Christmas tree after Christmas?

To give it back or maybe to plant it?

Nothing brings the Christmas mood like the smell of a living, green Christmas tree. Even those bought in a pot, delight with their beautiful appearance only for a dozen or so days, we often wonder what to do with a tree that loses its needles. Here are some ideas what you can do with a Christmas tree after Christmas:

  • transplant it – a Christmas tree bought in a pot you can easily plant in the garden; take the tree outside, leaving it in a pot, which will protect the roots from frost; the best time for planting a conifer is April or May,
  • use as mulch – needles and smaller twigs are ideal for acid-loving plants such as blueberries,
  • use as fuel – and the wood ash as fertilizer, which we spread directly on the beds,
  • use as plantpoles – cleaned of needles, the branches will provide ideal support for emerging plants,
  • leave it at the dumpster – if you don’t have your own composter, the Christmas tree will be collected by the company responsible for the municipal waste disposal,
  • give it away – very often in different towns and cities there are organized actions during which you can give away your Christmas tree; it is worth to look for the information about it on the Internet; trees are most often processed into eco-fuel or used to produce wood chips
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