Palisades – design and application

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Garden palisades are a great design solution. They allow you to separate areas in the garden. You can find different types of garden palisades in stores. Which one is worth choosing?

Types of garden palisades

Palisades are one of the elements of small garden architecture. Therefore it is always worth paying attention to the material from which the palisade is made, so that it adequately fulfills its function

The most popular garden palisades

  • Concrete – are the most popular due to their high resistance to weather conditions and versatility of use. Concrete palisades can have very different colors, patterns and shapes. Very popular are also products imitating stone or cobblestones.
  • Plastic – they are light and easy to install and may imitate natural wood or concrete. Plastic palisades are not very resistant to damage, but they are a great solution for separating arrangement zones. This type of palisade is the most economical.
  • Wooden ones – are the least popular solution. Wood is resistant to changeable weather conditions and must be regularly impregnated and protected against moisture.
  • Stone – this type of palisade is one of the most luxurious solutions. It perfectly matches paving stones. Stone palisades are resistant to all mechanical damages, temperature changes and moisture. Natural stone palisades are very often used to strengthen escarpments.

Shape of garden palisade

  • The shape of a garden palisade determines its decorative value and possible use. The most popular shapes are:
  • uneven,
  • uniform cuboid,
  • round.

The use of garden palisade

The garden palisade has many useful and aesthetic functions. This solution can be used both to fence off part of the land and to create flower beds. Palisade can be used as:

  • Border – a palisade is great for dividing a garden into zones, each of which has a different function and looks very good. Using a palisade to separate a lawn from a flower bed looks very impressive, while protecting flowers from inadvertent trampling. A low palisade is a great protection for ornamental trees or shrubs.
  • Lawn or path edging – Very often palisades are used as lawn and garden path edging. The large selection of colors and materials makes it easy to adapt to the needs of the garden. When choosing a palisade for your garden, adjust its height to your needs.
  • Stair edging – palisade is also great for finishing terraces, stairs leading to a terrace or to the front door of a building. Regardless of the material the stairs or terrace is made of, the palisade makes the design more cohesive.
  • Retaining wall – the purpose of this construction is to reinforce a slope where a flower bed or rockery is located. Such a wall can also serve as a comfortable seat.

Smallarchitecture complement – small architecture gives the garden a unique charm. Interesting palisade arrangement very positively affects the appearance of the entire property.

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