SEO in 2022 – an overview of key trends

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As in any industry, also in SEO trends change every year. What only a few months ago brought results and allowed websites or online stores to reach the top ten of Google results, may soon stop having a positive impact on the website position. What trends in positioning are indicated by experts for 2022? Is conversion rate optimization company a good choice for You? Do you know where the latest SEO services are well-adopted? Today we share some advice straight from a Portland SEO agency!

Voice search is gaining importance

Voice search is not new, but in 2022 it is likely to become one of the most important SEO activities. What we could get to know is that SEO Spain adopted voice search with pleasure.   But focus on what changes should be introduced to positively influence the positioning of your website or online store? You should definitely check the content on your site and make sure that it answers the questions that smartphone users ask their voice assistants. It’s important that their language is understandable and more colloquial than formal – Portland SEO agency reminds: Voice assistants work at their best in English language, and even if they’re not yet fluent in other languages like Polish for example, it’s still worth keeping an eye on it  

Visual content – video as a way to attract customers

In 2022, SEO content efforts should focus more and more on visual content. Video is a popular yet accessible form of content that users like to use. Additionally, it can prove to be an indispensable aid in website positioning. The basis is links passed on by Internet users. If visitors like the content, there is a good chance that they will decide to share it on their social media or blogs. Not one conversion rate optimization company is convinced about the usability of Visual content in order to improve website conversion.  

Portland SEO agency notes that, we can’t forget that visual content marketing is much more scalable than articles. This, in turn, translates into increased credibility of the site, better indexing and higher ranking in Google results. Of course, video alone is not enough. Equally important is an appropriate (consistent with the actual content!) title and description containing key phrases.

What content is worth creating in 2022?

We mentioned SEO Spain earlier, because in this country latest SEO solutions are adopted very well, although video is growing in popularity all around the World. You should not forget about classic content, because, as Bill Gates himself said, content is king. Instead of searching for keywords yourself, check what keywords your competitors are using and create comprehensive articles on the same topic. To make your job easier, you can use available tools – Surfer or Ahrefs. In 2022, however, the approach to content quality does not change. The times when undemanding texts were enough to position websites are long gone. What matters now is building authority and expert position by creating substantive articles friendly not only to Google robots, but also to the user. Of course we’re not meaning that SEO Spain is the only point of reference, but it shows how seo progresses over time.

Accessibility in the foreground

What exactly is accessibility in the sense of SEO? It is making sure that your website is usable and accessible to everyone – and that’s the point of interest for conversion rate optimization company. This applies to both websites and online stores. That’s why in the coming year SEO for IdoSell, WordPress and stores based on other systems should include link highlighting, the ability to increase font size and subtitles created in video content.

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  • iCEA PL 20.07.2022

    It’s amazing how SEO is constantly evolving. I suppose that voice search and visual content
    are the future of positioning, and everyone should include something in their strategy. However, we should find out what SEO actually is. You can read about it here: Know the basics before moving on to more complex techniques.