How to care for a natural wooden facade?

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Today, more and more people are choosing a wooden facade, which is a fashionable and practical finishing of a building. How to take care of a wooden facade to make it last as long as possible?

Wood susceptible to various external factors

When deciding on a wooden façade, bear in mind that wood is very susceptible to various weather conditions and can deteriorate very quickly. Therefore, you should protect the wooden facade from the beginning with a special product that will protect it from adverse weather conditions.

Impregnation for wood protects the facade from various adverse weather conditions such as:

  • rain,
  • snow
  • sunlight,
  • frost.

Impregnation of wood should be carried out regularly every few years. Several layers of impregnation should be applied to the wood at once.

Preparing a wooden facade for winter

Wood is a very demanding material, which can be damaged. Therefore, it is important to properly protect the wooden facade from adverse weather conditions such as frost, and later, from spring melt. If you want to enjoy your wooden facade for a long time, you need to protect it properly.

How to protect a wooden facade?

Wood is very sensitive to atmospheric conditions, so it is very important to protect it before winter. It is best to prepare the facade for winter in September or October, just before the heavy rains. Not all wood preservatives available in stores are suitable for protecting a wooden façade.

Products based on natural wax will not work well for treating wood outdoors because it attracts pests. Oils will also not work well outdoors because they will be washed away by rain. A varnish is ideal, but it can peel over time

It is best to protect a wooden façade with a varnish stain because it penetrates deep into the wood and thus adequately protects the boards from the inside as well. You can also buy a wood stain that protects the wood against mold, fungus and insects.

Waterproofing a wooden facade

Wooden facades should be protected by covering them with at least several layers of impregnation. Before painting, the wood should be roughened, e.g. with a sander or sandpaper. This will allow the wood to better absorb the impregnate. The boards can be additionally impregnated with a fungicide. Before that it is worthwhile to introduce an insecticide into the boards.

After impregnating the wooden facade, you can also paint it with a color of your choice. Clear paint will perfectly highlight the grain of the wood. A wooden facade covered with varnish requires impregnation once every few years.

What to clean a wooden facade with?

A wooden facade should also be cleaned regularly with special products that protect the wood and help keep it in good condition. It’s best to have this done by a professional company. If you want to clean wooden facade on your own, it is advisable to use cleaning agents designed exclusively for cleaning wooden surfaces outdoors and special equipment which will not damage the delicate surface of the facade while removing dirt. Care of a natural wooden facade is very laborious but worth the effort.

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