House with garden. How to decorate the terrace to achieve a consistent style?

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The terrace is now not only a link between the house and the garden. Interior designers in the latest trends are slightly changing its character – the terrace is to be an extension of the living room. How to achieve this effect?

Living room turning into a terrace

Arranging the space in the living room and on the terrace so that these places are consistent and harmonize with each other is a trend that has persisted for several seasons. Such a treatment makes the living room optically larger and appears more spacious. Learn some ways to get a cohesive style on the terrace and living room.

Large windows

In order for the arrangement of the terrace as an extension of the living room to be successful, it is necessary to choose the right glazing. Opt for large windows, preferably sliding and without muntins on the panes. Of course, a sliding window is not a necessity, but you have to admit that such a solution very coolly blurs the boundary between the living room and the terrace.

Floor on the terrace

To get the effect of extending the living room, it is essential to choose the right finish for the floor on the terrace. It must harmonize with the floor finish in the living room. Of course, the idea is not to lay the same type of floor there, but to keep the color and shape consistent. Manufacturers of terrace boards have a very wide range, so finding the right product should not be a problem.

Furniture and textiles

To get the effect of interpenetration of the living room and the terrace, we should also take care to match the furniture. It is worth looking for a set of garden furniture that has the same color as the sofa in the living room and is visually consistent. We realize that in some cases this can be highly problematic, in which case the solution may be to place the same cushions on the living room couch and the terrace couch, or to set up footstools. 

If you have a covered terrace, it’s also a good idea to hang garden curtains by the pillars, which are the same color as the curtains in the living room. Pillars from the terrace canopy, of course, must be as similar in appearance as possible to the window frames (if you have dark frames of terrace windows, let’s also bet on the same color for the pillars). Such simple procedures really give incredibly good results.

Cohesive decoration of the living room and terrace

At the very end, we would still like to draw your attention to the decoration. It is worth ensuring that the decoration elements of the terrace harmonize with what we have in the living room. A simple solution is to place the same model of pots (but preferably in different sizes) on the terrace and in the living room. It’s also a good idea to bet on similar plants – if you only have green plants in the living room, don’t put flowering plants alone on the terrace. Do you have grasses in pots on the terrace? Pick dried ears and set a vase with them in the living room.

An interesting solution is also to place flower pots in hanging flowerbeds, such as macramé ones. This solution will perfectly suit interiors finished in boho or rustic style.

It is also essential to remember to use similar lighting in the living room and on the terrace – lamps in a similar style, candles, lanterns. They will make our living room and terrace more cozy.

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