Flowers for balcony and terrace – autumn inspirations

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Heather, ericacea, sedum, chrysanthemums, autumn asters, velvets – these flowers survive the changing weather conditions of this time of year.

The autumn season is dominated by warm colors, chestnuts and pumpkins. The temperature outside the window is getting lower, the sun no longer so hot, and the day is getting shorter. In addition, at this time of year it is definitely warmer at midday than in the morning or evening – the differences can be really significant.

The weather in autumn is often unfavourable, but this is no reason to give up on flowers on your balcony or patio altogether. We know of several plant species which will look beautiful at this time of year.

Heather and heathers

Heather and heathers are by far the most popular autumn decorative flowers. Despite appearances, they are two different plants that are often confused with each other. It is worth knowing that you can easily grow them in autumn on the balcony or terrace. They look perfect both individually and in groups. They are not too big, up to 40 cm high. So there is no fear that they will grow too large on a small balcony.

In addition, they can survive not only the autumn time, but also the cold winter – but here you need to remember about proper protection of the walls of the box, pot or bowl, in which they are placed. Styrofoam can be used for this purpose.

Heather and heathers can also be combined in one composition. Then they will look beautiful at any time of the year – heather blooms in autumn and heathers in spring. You have to remember that both species should be watered abundantly – they definitely like moist ground but you have to remember that they should have water drainage and a layer of drainage. Additionally, the soil should be acidic and the position should be sunny as well as sheltered from the wind.

Sedum magnum

Sedum is also not very demanding and blooms until late autumn. In principle, it needs no special soil – it can grow beautifully even in poor soil. Like the previous flowers, it also needs sunlight and a permeable soil.

Sedum grows to about 50 cm in height and looks beautiful in larger groups. It usually blooms in pink, but sometimes also in white or red.


Chrysanthemums, or goldenrods, are associated mainly as cemetery flowers, especially because of the November holiday. Although it is in this role that they appear most often, it is worth appreciating their beauty and using them also at home.

The chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors – white, yellow, red, purple, pink – so they can easily fit into any balcony or patio arrangement. They look best in single pots. The so-called ball chrysanthemums are also very popular. They are a very original and stylish decoration.

Like the previous plants, gillyflowers also prefer a sunny spot. They also need to be watered regularly but make sure that they are not overwatered.

Autumn asters

Autumn asters – large-flowered and small-flowered – should not be left out of this list. These are perennial plants that delight with their colors – pink, lilac, purple, blue.

They need constant access to sunlight and moist, fertile and permeable soil. Autumn asters should be regularly and abundantly watered. To prevent excess water from harming them, there should be holes in the bottom of the pot.


Orange and yellow heads with a distinctive scent – these are velvets, which can also please the eye in autumn. They usually grow to a height of around 60 cm and their leaves are small, heavily feathered and irregularly edged.

They also have similar requirements as the autumn asters. They need a sunny place and fertile and permeable soil, without nitrogen, and regular watering.

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