The easiest way to get rid of moles. Mole net

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It can’t see much, but it can hear very well. It can destroy a beautiful green lawn overnight. It feeds on earthworms, insects, but also on plants, and this is what gardeners dislike most about moles. Want to enjoy a beautiful lawn without moles? Here is the easiest way to get rid of a mole – mole netting.

Method for a mole

There are many different methods to deter a mole. Remember, however, that moles are protected, so we discourage the use of chemical products. The ideal way to get rid of a small intruder, is a net for moles. This is an effective and non-invasive option. The grid protects against moles without harming them. Thanks to it, we will be able to enjoy the view of a beautiful, green turf without moles and remorse.

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Effective barrier

The nets available for sale are most often made of plastic, which makes them resistant to corrosion. Spread out under the lawn, they create a solid barrier that moles will not be able to overcome. In addition, the grid protects the roots of plants from damage and eating, also by voles, while providing adequate space for plants and turf grass.

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How to lay out the netting step by step

Placing a mole net is very simple. Place the grid under the lawn at a depth of about 10 cm, and under the beds at a depth of about 30 cm to provide space for the root system of plants. Then place a suitable layer of earth on top of the grid and sow grass and bed plants or simply lay down a lawn from the roll. If you are planning automatic garden irrigation, remember that the pipes should be laid before the grid.

What if there is already a lawn?

If you are at the stage of laying a lawn, the installation of the grid is very simple. It gets a little more complicated with an existing lawn. However, it is possible. In this case, you have to pull up the turf by hand, lay the net, cover it with soil and then lay the turf again. It is quite time-consuming but definitely worth the effort to enjoy a beautiful lawn without moles.

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