Types of garden smokehouses – which smokehouse to build?

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Wooden, brick, metal, or maybe electric? We present the types of smokehouses for the garden. In each you can prepare delicious dishes without preservatives or artificial additives

Smoking is the preservation of food using hot or cold smoke. This is what gives it its characteristic taste and extends its shelf life.

Your own garden smokehouse is a great idea for all lovers of smoked meats, fish, vegetables, fruits and cheese. In addition, preparing the food yourself makes you know exactly what you’re eating – without adding enhancers, dyes, or preservatives. No fat is needed for smoking, so the prepared dishes are low in calories.

Home smokers can be constructed from a variety of materials. It should be remembered that in any case they must be placed on level and stable ground. We present which garden smokehouses are available on the market.

This every garden smokehouse has

No matter what type of smokehouse you choose (omitting electric – for obvious reasons), it will always consist of the following elements.

First of all you need a hearth where the wood is burnt – it can be an integral part of the smokehouse or placed next to it. Then there is the smoking chamber with grippers and hooks in which the food to be smoked is hung or placed

Then there is the smoke duct for conveying the smoke from the firebox to the smokehouse, and the chimney for removing the excess smoke, which is far from the firebox. Finally, there’s the shaft to regulate the smoke and temperature flow and the thermometer.

It is also good to include a sloping roof in the garden design to prevent water from condensing and dripping onto the smokers

Wooden garden smokehouse

A wood smokehouse resembles a small house or shed with an open door. It is mobile – you can move it from place to place at will or, for example, hide it and protect it from adverse weather conditions such as rain, frost or snow.

The wood used to make it is usually deciduous (coniferous trees have resin which has a negative effect on smoked meats). It is also necessary to impregnate such a smokehouse, not only to extend its life, but also to protect it from possible pests

Wooden garden smokehouses are ideal for professional smoking.

Brick garden smokehouse

Brick garden smokehouses resemble large ovens at first glance. They can be made of stone, brick or – somewhat less frequently – concrete. Undoubtedly, they are a beautiful decoration of the backyard, they look really impressive.

However, you have to reckon with the fact that it is a heavy construction, which requires a hardened surface with a foundation. The advantage of this type of device, however, is its durability – it will certainly serve for many, many years

Metal garden smokehouse

Metal garden smokehouses are easily available in stores. Their appearance is not as stylish as the wooden or stone ones, but they are definitely more durable than wooden ones and more resistant to moisture. It is also easier to keep them clean.

It is worth bearing in mind that such smokehouses heat up easily, but cool down just as quickly, so you need to put more fuel when smoking. Most metal garden smokers are recommended for those who prefer cold smoking. They are also great for smoking fish.

Electric garden smokehouse

Finally, there is one more type – electric garden smokers. They are convenient to use, equipped with a heater and thermostat, which keeps the smoking temperature at a constant level. But where will the smoke come from? From a smoke generator, or smoker.

This type of smokehouse is perfect for all those people who are just beginning their adventure with smoking. Additionally, there is no contact with fire here.

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