Lawn roller – how to make a sturdy garden roller?

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A garden roller can be a very useful tool for many gardeners. Its main task is to level out cavities. You can make it yourself because its construction is very simple. Check it out for yourself!

The home-made lawn roller can usually be made from items you find in your basement or garage. It works best on light soils that can easily be rolled.

Garden roller – what is its use?

The garden roller can perform many different functions in the garden. It is ideal when we need to level our lawn, in which there were defects. It will also help when unevenness in the turf caused by moles or other pests. Thanks to it, the surface will be uniform and there will be no unsightly bumps on it. After running the roller over the turf, you can also immediately see where the grass tufts are weaker and need additional fertilization.

Rolling and kneading the grass is a maintenance treatment that makes the turf stronger, more flexible and grows faster. The treatment should be done once a year, preferably in the spring when root systems are rapidly expanding.

It is best to use a roller for this task, which is additionally equipped with spikes and tabs. This action also has a positive effect on the quality of the soil, which becomes more absorbent, so that excellent absorption of water and nutrients.

Using a garden roller when creating a lawn

The garden roller is a very useful tool in the process of laying a lawn. It is ideal for preparing the surface for planting grass. In order for a lawn to develop optimally, it should be sown on compacted and level ground. Rolling freshly planted seed will ensure that it penetrates the soil better and is not blown away by gusts of wind. If you opt for a roll or patch lawn, rolling the freshly laid lawn will ensure that the grass roots better and faster. So, a roller is a great garden accessory that will do a great job in preparing your new lawn

How do you make a garden roller yourself?

The construction of a garden roller is simple enough that you can make one yourself with minimal time and effort. To make a roller, you may find it useful to use galvanized sheet metal that needs to be rolled into a 50 cm wide cylinder shape and then welded at the joints. Some people make a home garden roller from sanitary and water pipes, which can be purchased at any plumbing store. A metal barrel or an old water boiler will also be a good base

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Stand the prepared base upright to install the metal tube inside the resulting cylinder. The tube should be slightly longer than the edge of the upright base

The garden roller should be loaded enough to knead the surface of the lawn well, so it is best to fill the inside with a fast-setting ready-mix concrete mortar. It should then be left to dry completely. After a day, the roller is placed horizontally and the concrete is moistened with water for about a week

In the next step, a metal rod needs to be inserted into the tube that you previously placed inside the base and welded to the steel profiles that will serve as the drawbar. The shape, height and layout of the drawbar depends on the individual preferences of the person who will use the garden roller. An alternative is to make a handle for the roller from a thick rope or appropriately bent reinforcing wire

A roller made this way will be quite heavy and solid, so sometimes it will be easier to attach it to a garden tractor. You can also make a version with spikes. A garden roller with spikes will further aerate the soil. Good luck!

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