Stone decorations for your garden

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Aesthetic, durable, and yet inexpensive – these are the main advantages of stone decorations that you can introduce to your garden. Without a doubt, each of them will make a great impression on guests, and you will not spend too much money on them

Aesthetics and functionality – an inseparable duo

Garden design is as important a task as interior design. Remember that the garden, even the smallest one, is the showcase of your home so it should look as good as possible. Do not forget, however, that the aesthetics alone is not enough and it is necessary to consider the utility aspects as well

When designing, think about how you will arrange the paths, the entrance to the house, plants, gazebo or other attractions. Below we suggest how you can create unique decorations with… stones.

Why should you opt for ornaments made of stones?

You don’t have to make a special effort to find the perfect stones for your garden. In addition, you have a guarantee that whatever you make of them, they will be unique – after all, there are no two identical stones in nature.

Moreover, they are inexpensive, aesthetic and very durable. Ornaments made of stones will have a unique form and charm. You can also freely combine, combining small stones with large ones

Gabions – what kind of decoration is hidden under this word?

Gabions are nothing but decorative architectural elements, more precisely stone-filled rectangular baskets made of steel rods and mesh. You can do a lot of things with them, including building a rockery, garden table, benches and even a barbecue

If you live next to a busy street and are bothered by the daily noise of cars, then go for a gabion fence, which will do a great job of muffling the annoying sounds.

The undoubted advantage of gabion baskets is also their durability – they will be stable even during violent weather, strong gusts of wind or rainfall. They are really hard to destroy.

Stone works of art

Stone mosaics are extremely impressive and perfectly diversify the space. In addition, not only pleasing to the eye, but also harden the surface of the garden. Although laying mosaics is a bit tedious, take your time and you will be amazed by the results. The arrangement possibilities are practically endless in this case – go crazy with the shape, size or even color.

You can buy a fountain or… make one yourself

Fountains are almost a must-have in the garden. They can be found in many backyards, not just private properties. This is because they are extremely decorative, and watching the water flowing slowly helps to relax.

Stone cascades – larger, smaller – are available in many stores. However, please note that you can easily make this unique garden decoration yourself and save money at the same time. All you need are suitable stones with holes for the installation. Then place them on a sturdy base from largest to smallest and you’re done.

Animals, plants, mushrooms – with stones!

Do you want to bring some color into your garden? Stones imitating animals (for example, a frog or a cat), mushrooms (for example, a toadstool), cacti or caterpillars or ladybugs will be a perfect decoration.

How to make them? Nothing difficult! Buy some paint at the DIY store – make sure it’s resistant to the ever-changing weather conditions. Then paint any pattern you want on the stones and enjoy the beautiful decoration. You can also go for a tongue-in-cheek decoration and, for example, paint the stones to resemble growing vegetables

Small pebbles in the hand… or rather, in the pot!

When decorating your garden, you can use not only sizable stones, but also the tiny ones. These will look great on flower pots. Take some glue and stick the available pebbles all over. Finally, you can varnish this unique decoration to give it a beautiful shine.

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